Getting There

Broadly speaking I was going to fly from Manchester to Keflavik (Reykjavik) and get a transfer into the city centre where I had booked a hotel for my first night. I had also booked a scheduled bus to the start of the trek but that didn't depart until 12.30pm the following day, which would give me time to buy the final few items I needed.

I researched and booked the outward bus journey to the start of the trek before I left the UK, I also researched and printed a timetable for the buses I might need from the end of the trek back to Reykjavik - there was a single daily bus which left Skogar (my finishing point) at 12 noon - since it was unlikely I would be early enough to get this I allowed for another night camping in Skogar and a return to Reykjavik the following day.

My itinerary from the UK was:

  • Sunday 2nd September: Travel to Manchester then fly to Reykjavik, stay overnight in a hotel.
  • Monday 3rd September: Buy fuel and fresh food, travel by bus to start of trek, bus leaves at Noon, 2 hours
  • Tuesday 4th – Wednesday 12th September: 9 days trekking, arrive at Skogar on 12th September – camp overnight
  • Thursday 13th September: Return to Reykjavik, stay in hotel overnight ready for flight first thing Friday morning
  • Friday 14th September: Fly to Manchester - onward by car

I left the house about 8.00am on the Sunday and got to the airport about 2 hours later in good time, I bought some foods which were permissible to take into Iceland such as crackers, sweets and nutrition bars etc.. The flight was subject to a considerable delay of about an hour so; we landed late, arrived around 3.30pm.

I hadn't arranged my airport transfer as the hotel advised doing it from the airport when I arrived. In reality, they were selling tickets on the flight so I bought a return, I asked about the price difference from the airport service and she said it was 5% cheaper but I wouldn't have to queue. I could probably have got it cheaper with another company but at least it was done.

I waited for my hold luggage until there was nothing else on the carousel, then joined the long line at Lost Luggage and started fretting about what I was going to do without my kit. After another 20 minutes or so I reached the desk to be told that unusual luggage i.e. a rucksack, comes out at a different place – my rucksack was a two minute walk away – I can’t help thinking a sign would save a lot of grief.

The transfer to Reykjavik was well organised, the bus takes you to your hotel door. I arrived about 5.15pm and booked in. My guidebook had said that screw in gas cartridges were available from most garages and I hiked to the nearest one only to find that it didn't - I went into the city centre for something to eat.

The next day Gas was the main focus - I'd picked up a street map and there was a campsite marked near the centre, a garage was also nearby - surely that one would sell gas – bingo. I bought food and had lunch before getting on the bus. You have to request a stop for my destination, the bus dropped me off at 3.15pm, bang on time.