Weight (g)Weight (lbs & oz)
Basic Gear Carried7827g17lb 4.6oz
Discretionary Gear Carried1195g 2lbs 10.2oz
Subtotal 9022g 19lbs 14.8oz
Consumables6722g14lbs 13.5oz
Subtotal15744g34lbs 12.3oz
Gear worn about person2330g5lbs 2.3oz

Gear Carried - 9.022kg (19lbs 14.8oz) basic, 15.744kg (34lbs 12.3oz) with food and other consumables


MSR Access 1 Tent 1312g 
Tent bag - exped zipped pouch30g 
Tent pegs & pouch129g 


Sleeping Bag

Marmot Phase 30 inc stuffsack535g 
Compression stuffsack70g 
Klymit Cush90g 


MSR Windburner 1.0L Personal Stove System476g 
Green Hermit Sink - Small60g 
Optimus Sliding Spoon26g 
GCG Firesteel12g 
Mini Can Opener10g 
Pot Washing Cloth & Pan Saver10g 

First Aid Kit

Total weight140g 
Granite Gear Air Zippditty 1.0L17g 
4" Wound dressings6g 
Statins for 2 weeks7g 
Blister Plasters3g 
2 Plasters2g 
1 Small pot Vaseline10g 
16 Ibuprofen painkillers8g 
Sunscreen stick33g 
Elastoplast fabic strapping10g 
STS Nano Mosquito net12g 


Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket262g 
Rab Zero G Down Jacket352g 
Rab Dryflo 120 Pants (longjohns)130g 
Rab Merino+ 120 Boxers72g 
River Crossing Footwear398gI picked theseup from an outlet store reduced from £30 to a fiver. Something lighter would have been better but I couldn't find anything.
Shorts/Swimming Trunks114g 
Montane Spine Waterproof Cap47g 
Helly Hansen Crew117g 
Outdoor Research Back Stop Sensor Gloves47g 
Mountain Hardwear Adrenaline Gloves47g 
Enduro M3rino Sin3rgi Light Cushion Socks for bed50g 
Thorlos UL Hiking Socks70g 


Petzl Zipka Headlamp68g 
Petzl e+Lite28g 
Rubbish drybag45g 
Deejo Naked15g 
Compass - Silva Expedition 436g 
Food Bag - Granite Gear49g 
Glasses Cleaning Cloth2g 
Cable Ties6g 

Photographic & Other

Samsung A8 inc Loksak160g 
Headphones, charging cable, Loksak56g 
Sony RX1r Camera in battery & aquapack waterproof pouch612g 
2 spare camera batteries50g 
Maps x 2 cut to size54g 
Guidebook cut to size inc Loksak25g 
Voice recorder inc Loksak67g 
Passport, credit cards and currency in Loksak79g 
Ultrapod camera tripod50g 
Granite Gear document pouch19g 
Credit cards and cash in Loksak23g 


Gas 230g cartridge390g 
Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash28g 
Drybag for trail mix20g 
Toilet roll42g 
Water 0.6L600g 
Nuun - 20 tablets30g 
Basic dried 8-9 days of freeze dried food3012g 
Other food2535g 

Gear worn or carried about person

Suunto Watch80g 
Helly Hansen Zip Top250g 
Leki Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Poles444g 
Rab Merino+ 120 Boxers62g 
Scarpa Nitro Hike GTX920g 
Mountain Equipment Ibex pants482 
Darn Tough Hiking Socks59g 

Gear packed for leaving at hotel

Patagonia Pants