The Haglofs Story

There are plenty of brands that want to offer the best gear for those who love challenging adventures. Gear and clothing that can handle the wear and tear, that will keep you dry and warm and make the effort worthwhile. This isn’t anything unique for Haglöfs. But the unique thing about us is that we offer more than that. We want to challenge ourselves to win over even the not-so-easily charmed consumers, the ones that don’t buy into the gorgeous descriptions of the mountains, the forest, and the great beyond. The ones that don’t see the charm in spending time outside in 30 degrees below or pouring rain. The ones that are skeptic and perhaps even anti the whole outdoorsy culture.

Let us explain why. Haglöfs was founded by a man with both visions and dreams. Wiktor Haglöf, son of a forester, was a good old-fashioned carpenter, fully convinced that in order for something to be really good, you had to make it yourself. The outdoor lifestyle a century ago was far from the self-chosen pleasurable pastime it is made up to be today. At least in Wiktor’s world. It was rather a struggle, working in the woods, or long journeys through rough landscapes in harsh weather just to get to school. So Wiktor Haglöf would base his company on the vision of easing the struggle, to improve life for those who had to endure the outdoors, not by choice, but to get by. We think this is solid ground for an outdoor brand. This means that everything we do has purpose, every detail is made to make the outdoor lifestyle a little more enjoyable. When your gear and clothing are designed to be a reliable partner, helping you to get the work done – a shiny surface isn’t worth a thing. Only high-quality crafted goods make the cut.

Lightweight Protection

The ultimate L.I.M jacket for wet spring conditions. Super light, extremely breathable, and 100% waterproof. The unique outer face gives persistent beading and prevents water absorption – it runs right off the surface with just a couple of shakes. Made for high pulse activities, the L.I.M Breathe GTX Shakedry jacket will help you push for your new personal best.

The materials allow this jacket to standout and perform:

  • GORE-TEX 2L product with SHAKEDRY™ technology, 100% polyamide, superlight, 64g and breathable, ideal weather protection, with new laminate technology where the laminate is on surface, instead of inside. Gives the fabric special characteristics and maximises the aesthetic properties. Hydrostatic head: >28.000 mm, RET: <4.
  • Combined with GORE-TEX Active 3L technology, a super-lightweight, soft nylon ripstop weave using 13D yarns, 74g, with C-knit backer. Extremely breathable with RET <3,5.


Weighing in at just 178g for the medium size, the L.I.M Breathe includes the following features:

  • World-class breathability, yet fully waterproof
  • Unique water-repellent surface
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very packable
  • Two hand pockets
  • Elastic hem
  • Elastic sleeve
  • Elastic hood
  • Ideal for day hiking, running or cycling.

Lightweight Insulation

The Mimic material technology – renowned for high performance and superb insulation in all conditions – has finally made it into the L.I.M range, creating a super-lightweight and highly protective hooded jacket that's enhanced with a graphene-powered nano baffle. Weighs next to nothing and is extremely packable, but still offers essential protection in variable weather conditions.

The L.I.M Mimic comes in a hooded and non-hooded version depending upon you're needs. In size medium, the hooded jacket weighs just 322g while the non-hood jacket weighs 300g.

  • Mimic platinum technology, powered by graphene
  • Nano baffle lightweight construction
  • Ultra-lightweight 10D outer fabric
  • Two hand pockets
  • Elastic hem
  • Elastic sleeves
  • Elastic hood
  • Packable into its own pocket
  • 100 % Recycled polyamide. 10D ultra lightweight, down proof mini rip-stop fabric.
  • Insulation: Mimic PLATINUM Ultracluster Graphene mixed with Recycled polyester, light, lofty, synthetic fibre cluster insulation with down-like feel.

The Future of Baselayers

A state-of-the-art technical first layer for the ultra-light L.I.M range. Made using a brilliant dynamic thermo-regulating material technology: it activates and starts cooling as the wearer warms up, then deactivates its cooling properties as soon as the body gets down to a comfortable temperature again, reducing the risk of chill. Body mapping construction: fabric mix for additional functionality. Flatlock seams for less scuffs and bulk. Reflective logo for better visibility and panels under the arms for better range of motion.

  • Dynamic cooling technology for optimal cooling performance (2.5 degrees)
  • Cooling function is deactivated once the body cools down, to prevent chill
  • Body mapping construction: optimized function depending on athletic activity and the body location, since the body has various area-dependent needs (cooling, insulation)