The Haglofs Story

There are plenty of brands that want to offer the best gear for those who love challenging adventures. Gear and clothing that can handle the wear and tear, that will keep you dry and warm and make the effort worthwhile. This isn’t anything unique for Haglöfs. But the unique thing about us is that we offer more than that. We want to challenge ourselves to win over even the not-so-easily charmed consumers, the ones that don’t buy into the gorgeous descriptions of the mountains, the forest, and the great beyond. The ones that don’t see the charm in spending time outside in 30 degrees below or pouring rain. The ones that are skeptic and perhaps even anti the whole outdoorsy culture.

Let us explain why. Haglöfs was founded by a man with both visions and dreams. Wiktor Haglöf, son of a forester, was a good old-fashioned carpenter, fully convinced that in order for something to be really good, you had to make it yourself. The outdoor lifestyle a century ago was far from the self-chosen pleasurable pastime it is made up to be today. At least in Wiktor’s world. It was rather a struggle, working in the woods, or long journeys through rough landscapes in harsh weather just to get to school. So Wiktor Haglöf would base his company on the vision of easing the struggle, to improve life for those who had to endure the outdoors, not by choice, but to get by. We think this is solid ground for an outdoor brand. This means that everything we do has purpose, every detail is made to make the outdoor lifestyle a little more enjoyable. When your gear and clothing are designed to be a reliable partner, helping you to get the work done – a shiny surface isn’t worth a thing. Only high-quality crafted goods make the cut.

The King of Breathability? L.I.M Crown

The L.I.M Crown boasts some of the most impressive stats available when it comes to breathability in waterproof jackets. Haglofs have developed their own PROOF 3-layer waterproof material which combines a cutting edge laminate with an extremely breathable membrane and super lightweight fabric backer. Weighing in at just 184g for the medium and with a HH of >20,000mm this would already look like an impressive waterproof shell. However, the >60,000 MVTR rating puts this among the most breathable waterproof jackets anywhere in the market making it a perfect fast and light outer layer. 

Despite the impressively low weight this jacket still has a 3-way adjustable hood, two zip pockets and adjustable hem and cuffs. As usual with Haglofs the green credentials are also there with the use of a fluorocarbon-free DWR to repel water and dirt. 

Although this jacket has the weight and performance that make it ideal for mountain and trail running it is much more versatile and is very well suited a wide range of fast and light adventures.

Ultralight Insulation

The L.I.M (Less Is More) range from Haglofs has been a winning formula. In every area L.I.M has pushed lightweight performance. From baselayers to backpacks, waterproof shells to sleeping bags, and insulation to active wear the L.I.M Series has been a huge success. 

The L.I.M Barrier is an lightweight, insulated jacket that has had a significant update for 2020. Not only has the style been improved with a simple, effective design but the insulation has been changed completely. In moving from their own QuadFusion+ to the spectacularly space age PrimaLoft Aerogel, Haglofs have really upped the stakes. Aerogel is the lightest solid material known to man and is able to provide excellent levels of warmth so it's use in an insulated jacket makes total sense. The combination of warmth to weight ratio and packsize make this an exceptional performer for a wide range of outdoor adventures. 

The 15D fabric provides more durability than you'd expect for a jacket this light. Meanwhile, Haglofs have continued with their environmental focus and this jacket is Bluesign approved, uses Fluorocarbon-free DWR to repel water and dirt and includes 80% recycled content in the synthetic insulation itself.

Versatility to a Tee

The best thing about a good baselayer is versatility. When you get a great t-shirt that works for you, you want to use it for everything; hiking, running, heading into the gym and casual wear. There are a few great lightweight tees from Haglofs that fit this description in the L.I.M Strive and L.I.M Tech Tee.

The new L.I.M Strive is the lightest baselayer in the UOG range which is impressive in itself. More importantly is the performance and the Strive really does deliver. It is super comfortable with a stretchy feel, high wicking and fast drying properties that are perfect for warm weather and intense activities.

The L.I.M Tech Tees are also a great option for the summer. They have been designed with a focus on wicking moisture effectively and drying quickly so they are great for running, gym work and a range of other fast paced activities. The offset seams on the shoulders provide that added comfort when wearing a pack making them more versatile too. 

Without Sacrificing Comfort

Often, when a pack is made with the aim of being as light as possible one of the main sacrifices is comfort. The achieve the low weight you need to lose materials and features which normally results in less padding and less pockets. Once that pack is fully loaded you realise that the padding was there for a reason. In the L.I.M Rucksack Haglofs have managed to balance the low weight and maintain the level of comfort really well. 

This pack comes in two sizes, with the 25L weighing just 826g and the 35L pack weighing in at 932g. The larger pack is a good size for fast and light overnight adventures while the 25L is a perfect size for a lightweight day pack.

The packs use highly durable 70D and 140D materials to provide a tough pack that is genuinely up to the challenges of outdoor use. It has an impressive list of features for such a low weight too and these include:

  • Airback suspension system: provides ventilation and airflow through the back contact zone
  • Elastic side pockets
  • Zippered elastic hip belt pockets
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Elastic cord for compression and gear attachment
  • Fixed top lid with pocket
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Padded hip belt Load lifters