The Haglofs Story

There are plenty of brands that want to offer the best gear for those who love challenging adventures. Gear and clothing that can handle the wear and tear, that will keep you dry and warm and make the effort worthwhile. This isn’t anything unique for Haglöfs. But the unique thing about us is that we offer more than that. We want to challenge ourselves to win over even the not-so-easily charmed consumers, the ones that don’t buy into the gorgeous descriptions of the mountains, the forest, and the great beyond. The ones that don’t see the charm in spending time outside in 30 degrees below or pouring rain. The ones that are skeptic and perhaps even anti the whole outdoorsy culture.

Let us explain why. Haglöfs was founded by a man with both visions and dreams. Wiktor Haglöf, son of a forester, was a good old-fashioned carpenter, fully convinced that in order for something to be really good, you had to make it yourself. The outdoor lifestyle a century ago was far from the self-chosen pleasurable pastime it is made up to be today. At least in Wiktor’s world. It was rather a struggle, working in the woods, or long journeys through rough landscapes in harsh weather just to get to school. So Wiktor Haglöf would base his company on the vision of easing the struggle, to improve life for those who had to endure the outdoors, not by choice, but to get by. We think this is solid ground for an outdoor brand. This means that everything we do has purpose, every detail is made to make the outdoor lifestyle a little more enjoyable. When your gear and clothing are designed to be a reliable partner, helping you to get the work done – a shiny surface isn’t worth a thing. Only high-quality crafted goods make the cut.

A classic, upgraded

A lot of brands produce a 'classic' or iconic item. The Barrier range is Haglofs classic. This is a hooded jacket in a classic style, made to be warm and packable. It's been treated with a fluorocarbon-free DWR for protection from the elements, and the QuadFusion insulation it's packed with boasts an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. Provides you with a solid and lightweight barrier for any number of outdoor activities.

The Haglofs own QuadFusion blends 50% recycled polyester and 50% polyester. The great warmth to weight ratio is achieved by using hollow-fiber polyester that is crimped into spiral shapes which maximises the materials ability to trap air and subsequently the warmth, while at he same time keeping the weight down.

Fully covered

People focus on a shell jacket and an insulating jacket but many forget to protect the legs. As people will know, when you have not protected your legs fully the sting of the cold on your thighs is never a nice feeling and it is surprisingly difficult to get them warmed up again. The range of pant for Autumn Winter 2017 should go some way to dealing with the problem of the cold. With this seasons offerings Haglofs have you covered.

The Mid II Flex Pant are tough, protective pants designed for those epic adventures with:

  • Stretch fabric and articulated knees
  • Durable, hard wearing materials
  • DWR treatment to keep you clean and dry

The Womens Mid Fjell II Insulated Pant are hard wearing, synthetically insulated and perfect for the winter providing:

  • Durable construction
  • QuadFusion insulation for extra warmth
  • DWR treatment for increased resistance to water

 The Clay Pant is made with rugged conditions in mind with a comfortable and protective design which includes:

  • Four way stretch
  • Fleece lined for warmth
  • DWR treatment for added protection

 The L.I.M III Gore-Tex Pant will provide maximum protection from the elements with:

  • Gore-Tex Paclite fabric
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Wind and water proof (28,000 HH)

A serious layer

The Heron jacket is stylish and versatile. This lightweight garment has excellent breathability and moisture wicking, with offset seams for comfort.

With the use of Pontetorto Tecnostretch fabrics this jacket is very elastic with 4-way stretch fleece and excellent wicking properties due to its construction.


The Heron jacket is similar to many Haglofs products in that it is 'bluesign' certified. 

The bluesign mark on our products means that we comply with the high requirements of bluesign, a voluntary initiative for textile manufacturers to improve their production to the highest environmental standard available.

Outdoor enthusiasts need to be sure that their products perform well - since they often have to rely on them in tough conditions.

As a result of this, material quality and performance is one of our main considerations. Alongside this, though, we've made it our mission to ensure that each product's negative environmental impact is as small as possible. Balancing these two factors is what drives our work with materials and pushes us to collaborate and innovate.