Originally operating out of a small Tokyo store front in the 1920s, we've spent over 90 years designing, manufacturing, and reinventing quality products within the outdoor recreation and sports industry. Over our long history our brand has grown to become a design and manufacturing leader in Japan, and we're now proud to bring our line of titanium cookware to our fellow outdoor adventurers in North America.

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22 Items
  • Water Carriers
    From £12.99
  • EBY265R Titanium Cup 400ml FD
  • ECA-278R Titanium Solo Pot Set (400ml & 750ml)
  • Wide Mouth Round Storage Bottle
    From £5.99
  • ECA266R Titanium Mug Pot 500 (0.5L)
  • ECA252R Titanium Ultralight Pot 2 (0.9L)
  • ECA267R Titanium Mug Pot 900
  • ECA402 Titanium Non-Stick Deep Pot (0.9L)
  • EBY255 Titanium Alcohol Stove DX Set (Ti DX Stand & Stove) Top
  • EBY280 MulTidish & Ti Lid for Ti Cup 400FD & 760FD
  • EBY246 Titanium Wind Shield
  • EBY257 Titanium DX Stand for Alcohol Stove
  • ECA253R Titanium Ultralight Pot 3 (1.3L)
  • ECA265R Titanium Ultralight Deep Pot M (0.9L)
  • EBY270R Titanium Cup 760ml FD
  • EBY277 Titanium Lid for Titanium Cup 570FD
  • EBY278R Titanium Cup 570ml FD
  • EBY254 Titanium Alcohol Stove
  • ECA260R Titanium Ultralight Pot Set M (900ml & 1300ml)
  • ECA318 Titanium Tea Pot 800 (800ml)
  • ECA259R Titanium Ultralight Pot Set S (600ml & 900ml)
  • ECA264R Titanium Ultralight Deep Pot S (0.6L)

Titanium Cookware

Titanium is the ultimate material for use during rigorous backcountry travel. In addition to its exceptional versatility, it is also lightweight like aluminium, stronger than stainless steel, and fully corrosion-resistant. Titanium is often used in medical equipment where high levels of safety are a concern. It's ideal for use when camping or in any outdoor environment.

Easy grip, heat resistant folding handles are utilised. Handles are covered with an insulated silicone tubing. A chevron shaped handle base provides a more stable grip.