Lightwave S15 Sigma Tent

4 Season / 1-2 Person / Single Skin Hybrid / Height: 105cm, Length 230cm / Single Entrance
Weighs 1144g
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Lightwave's Sigma S15 is a roomy 4 season tent at just over 1.1kg with an innovative breathable single skin design. The design stands out in a number of ways but the most important thing is that it works really well in varied UK conditions. 

Lightwave says:

In 2016 Lightwave launched it's first single-wall trekking tents: the Sigma range. After two years on the market and in response to feedback from users, we are updating the range for 2019. The existing S10 was considered so big for its size that it should really be called a 1-2 person tent, and that we could easily make a smaller, lighter true 1 person version.

So; The old S10 has been renamed the S15 Sigma to reflect it's true size. A new smaller version has been introduced as the S10 Sigma. Finally the S20 Sigma has been re-designed and will now have two porches/doors (one each side) and be known as the S22 Sigma.

Three other changes have been introduced for 2019 on all models; there are double eyelets at each pole-end to give more flexibility for inserting poles, the pole sleeves are now made from siliconised fabric to greatly reduce friction, and the doors have been enlarged for easier access.

The benefits of single-wall tents are three-fold. First, using the same pole-lengths as a double-wall tent, they are much more spacious: the gap between inner and flysheet becomes part of your internal space. Second, by disposing of the inner-wall, you are eliminating a lot of fabric and therefore, saving weight. Finally, they are simpler to pitch: there is no two-step process or need for any kind of connection between inner and flysheet.

As a consequence, not only are our new sigma tents incredibly light, but they are also extraordinarily spacious. These tents are optimised for trekking and feature a large porch for storage, easy access. Inside they have generous headroom making for comfortable living. Pitching is simple and quick, and the tents are virtually free-standing and require minimal pegging.

Lightwave's S15 Sigma Tent replaces the old S10 version, in terms of keeping the same dimensions, as it provides a generous space for solo campers. This innovative tent has been a success in some of the most changeable and challenging conditions in the UK. It has successfully battled high winds, rain and temperature swings. The tent is quick and easy to set up in all conditions, combines practical and durable materials making it a joy to use. Whether you're heading up onto the Cairngorm Plateau or camping in lowland valleys this tent works really well.

The range has been tweaked to offer more of a range in terms of sizes. The Sigma's still use the innovative single skin design with X-Tex coating which made them such a success in the first place. This fabric still does an amazing job of managing moisture that has often been the downfall of other single-skin tents. The new version of the Sigma has seen improvements to the pole sleeves and inserts while the doors have also been enlarged to allow easier access.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

Help and advice:
  • The sigma tents are defined by the X-tex fabric used for the flysheet. This is unique to Lightwave and has an astonishing ability to manage the condensation that has plagued single-wall tent designs in the past. The X-tex fabric is heavier than most flysheets due to its coating, but the result is a hydrostatic head (i.e. waterproofness) that is far higher than the standard 3000-5000 mm found in nearly all tents. The coating always feels dry to the touch and is also quite light impermeable.
  • The porch of the sigma tents uses the same lightweight silicon-coated fabric used on our hyper and ultra ranges. Silicon-coated fabrics are the most durable and long-lasting available, particularly when minimum weight is also an important criterion.
  • The sigma groundsheet is made from a durable 50-denier taffeta (plain weave). The 50-denier fabric is a reasonable balance between the need to save weight and provide adequate protection from abrasion and moisture. With most of our tents, we don’t generally advocate the use of a footprint, but we recommend this where it is appropriate to do so – in other words, when you know ground conditions are going to be harsh, or weight being carried (a footprint is an additional 200 g) is not quite so critical.
  • We use the DAC Featherlite poles on the sigma tents simply because these have proved themselves time and again as the most reliable of the lighter weight alloys (ie non 7001-T6 alloy which is employed in probably 90% of all backpacking tents in the world.)
  • Pegs are very important – without them, no tent could withstand anything more than the slightest breeze. Sigma tents use our Lightning peg – similar in weight to most standard pegs, but substantially stronger and capable of living with some serious abuse. Costing four times as much as normal wire pegs, these are seldom seen on all but the most highly specified and expensive tents. Supplementing these for non-critical peg-points are our Flash pegs (which are literally “half a Lightning" peg).
  • Sigma guylines are made of standard 2.0 mm nylon. They work, and with our Linelok adjusters they work and adjust very well.

UOG Specs

  • Flysheet/inner weighs: 834g
  • Poles weigh: 310g
  • Total weight: 1144g (excludes pegs & begs)
  • Pegs x12 weigh: 94g

Lightwave Specs

  • Sleeps: 1-2
  • Seasons: 4
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Packed size: 45 x 15cm
  • Length: 230cm
  • Width: 95cm
  • Height: 105cm
  • Porch: 70cm


  • Flysheet: 60 g/m2 20d nylon ripstop, X-tex coating, 20,000mm hydrostatic head, double zip door with YKK #5 zip, multiple guy points, continuous pole sleeves
  • Porch wall: 51 g/m2 30d nylon 6.6 ripstop, 5000mm hydrostatic head, Si/Si coating
  • Inner wall: 25 g/m2 20d nylon mesh, single door with YKK #3 zip
  • Groundsheet: 70 g/m2 40d nylon taffeta, PU coated with 5000mm hydrostatic, bath-tub construction with reinforced corners and taped seams
  • Poles: 2x DAC 9.35mm featherlite
  • Accessories: 4 x 2.5 m and 2 x 1.5 m, 2 mm nylon guylines, 8 Lightning and 4 Flash pegs
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July 27, 2021 | Brian E
Initial Thoughts...

Bought this tent a few weeks ago, used last week for the first time. Used it for 3 nights on a cycling trip in Scotland. Weather was dry, but misty on 2 mornings. So these are just my initial reflections. I am impressed by how well made it is. First comments though on the fabric and my experience with condensation, which I suffered from on 2 of the 3 nights. It was clear that when there is dew on the outside of the X-Tex fabric, condensation does build up on the inner of the fabric. One night the inside was damp to the touch, the last night there were actually some beads of condensation running down the inside. On both those nights though, the standard fabric used for the porch was dripping. I think the issue was compounded because of the misty conditions in the morning. When sunlight did get to the X-Tex fabric it dried quickly. Other comments. The tent is very quick and (mainly) easy to pitch. I'm puzzled why though the poles don't slide into a holder from one end, then use a tensioning strap in the way Hillleberg do. It would make the hardest part of the tent setup a lot easier. The pegs were neat and compact. I like the way the peg bag is sewn on the outside of the tent bag. Poles are short enough to be carried on a bicycle luggage rack with limited overhang. Interior space was very good, with good height in the middle section. Weight is low for a 4 season tent with this space. Porch space is very good. However, the placement of the inner door means that when you are in the inside the tent, sitting at the highest point, you are sort of twisted to the porch area. So I'm in two minds at the moment. I'm looking forward to trying it in rain and winter conditions.

Ultralight Outdoor Gear Limited