Product Reviews for Soulo Tent


The Soulo is easy to pitch in a matter of minutes with external poles through the rain-fly first erection. Although the pitching requires no pegs there are 12 pegging points that I prefer to stake down as this will increase the overall stability of your tent and is highly recommended. A vast, 28-square-foot interior left plenty of room for myself (5’11) and gear, while the side door offers ample vestibule space (7.6 square feet) to shed wet layers while protected from storms (but before entering the sleeping area). A 37-inch maximum height meant I could sit up easily without touching the ceiling. Ventilation is adequate, thanks to the single, protected roof vent. Once erected, there are multiple guying and pegging points which enable you to cinch things down when the wind gets up. I have experienced winds of up to 60mph in the Hilleberg Soulo and not once did I feel the tent give way. The inner floor is a deep bathtub design which has withstood pitching on rain soaked ground with no water ingress whatsoever and also works well with keeping condensation to a minimum. The tent weighs in at around 2.4kg all in, which can be considered as a fairly heavy tent, and it is. But with the robustness of the materials used and its ability to tackle literally any weather pattern the weight can kind of be forgiven. It uses some of the best poles currently on the market, DAC Featherlite NSL poles which have a 9mm diameter and are extremely light but yet strong at the same time. The Soulo comes under the Hilleberg RED label meaning it uses the Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric, which has a 12 kg/26.5 lb tear strength. Meaning that if you puncture the outer fabric with a trekking pole or something sharp the hole will not get any bigger nor will it rip. I can’t stress how durable this Kerlon fabric is. Being a true 4 season tent the fly comes all the way down to the floor protecting the inner from heavy rainstorms and deep snow drifts. The tent isn’t without its cons though. The weight can be an issue if you require a more lightweight setup and if you are over 6ft you might struggle with the interior space. Also the price…..Hilleberg tents are very expensive. I wouldn’t recommend these tents to the casual camper. That being said though, if you can get your head around the price tag you will have a tent that will last many, many years to come. It’s important to note also that each Hilleberg tent is handmade. On each tent and footprint is a small name tag stitched onto the fabric with the person who made the tent in the Hilleberg factory in Estonia. A great touch.

May 16, 2020
Super strong, spacious winter tent

I've had my Soulo for a couple of years and it has stood up to everything with ease. 40mph winds in -15 degrees in the Cairngorms last winter and it was a superb shelter. The pole setup and shape of the tent means that it stands up really well to high winds, snow and rain. It pitches really easily with the inner and fly pre-attached so no matter what the conditions are like it makes setting up much quicker and easier. There is certainly plenty of space inside and in the vestibule to sit up and read, store full winter kit for multi-day trips and cook when needed. It doesn't feel as comfortable in warmer conditions with the full fabric inner (there are mesh inners available if you desperately want to use it through summer months) but I only tent to use it when the conditions are tough. Condensation does build up in more humid weather but the gap between the inner and outer is so generous that you don't actually notice until you're putting the tent down. The quality of the materials used is top class and durability is amazing with mine showing very little sign of wear after numerous winter and spring outings at the start of this year. This is without doubt my favourite solo tent for tough conditions.

November 13, 2019
Best free standing, one person, 4 season tent on the market!

This is the best tent I ever used and ever heard about. A single person, free standing 4 season tent. A guy once told me that Hillebergs are the Rolls-Royce of tents. It might be an expensive tent, but the money is worth investing in a super quality tent. Highly recommended, for the specifications and use it is intended for!

August 30, 2019
Not great in warm, no wind weather.

I bought this tent due to its 4 season capabilities and its inside dimensions, being 6'1" means you need higher and longer internal spaces. The door was fantastic, loved it - large, the space inside was great and I could sit up ok in it with a straight back, this is very important. Unfortunately the weather conditions were better than expected, warmer and no wind, this meant there was no wind to blow through the tents ventilation removing condensation, thus it was a bit wet inside where the sleeping bag foot touched the tent, not ideal. Other than that, I could not fault it, great space inside, love the door the security of the tent, the quality is 5 stars. It does not perform in warm weather well, I will use my tarp then, can't wait for the Autumn storms to test it out in full windy wet conditions, which is what is it really designed for :)

July 24, 2019
Bomb proof

Have had this tent for several years and have used it in many diverse conditions in the wilds of Northern Scotland. It handles everything that the elements throw at it, and then some. You have such a sense of comfort and safety when it is fully pitched... no waking up at night in the wildest of weather to straining and flapping walls and bending poles.

October 31, 2018