Product Reviews for Skyscape Trekker 1P Tent

Sturdy lightweight shelter at an excellent price

I used this tent on my 5 month through hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. It was an excellent choice and far cheaper than many comparable alternatives. It stood up to strong winds and snow. At a push (and if you’re small) this can be used as a two man tent. As with all single wall tents condensation can be a problem. It is important to pitch this right (with the bathtub at even heights all the way around) or condensation can trickle inside the tent at the foot end. I would also recommend using a groundsheet with this tent if you will be using it on rocky ground as the bottom is on the thin side (for example it is thinner than the floor of my Terra Nova Superlight Voyager). Overall, this is an excellent choice if weight is your main consideration and you are used to dealing with the condensation of a single wall tent.

November 4, 2019
even better than expected

bought a while ago and used it a few times in the uk bit bit the bullet and took it on the GR20 over 10 days this summer combined with some toaks titanium nails and a thin piece of plastic as an extra ground sheet and it did not dissapoint. I was worried that as a non-free standing tent I might struggle with the hard ground but it wasn't really a problem. i had 1 night during a thunderstorm where I had a little bit of a problem with 'misting' of condensation as the rain hit the tent but not bad enough to make anything wet. I also have the SMD lunar solo and condensation was much less of a problem in the trekker that the lunar solo and worth the slight increase in weight.

August 3, 2019
Reviewed after use

Recently purchased as I wanted the most lightweight and compact tent I could find. This ticked every box. I seam sealed it before use and took it away for a 2 night camp in a good mix of wet, dry and windy weather. It’s so simple to set up once you e done it a couple of times and although it was dry when I set up I’d be confident doing it in poorer conditions. It’s simple to peg out and a good tension in the fly is simple to achieve. The inner is unbelievably roomy with great headspace and a substantial bath tub. I could fit myself (5’10"), a full inflatable mat plus equipment inside with enough space for comfort. The material has a strong feel that I didn’t expect with the weight. You may have guessed... I’ve totally fallen in love with this tent and can not wait for its next outing. Delivery great as well

June 16, 2019