Lightwave g15 Raid Tent

3-4 Season / 1-2 Person / Mixed Inner / Height: 100cm, Length 210cm / Single Entrance
Weighs 1690g (excl pegs & bags)
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The g15 raid is a generous 1-2 person semi-geodesic. It will happily accommodate 2 people up to 185cm in height. It's made from ultralight 20 denier fabrics and has a 3/4 season rating only because they feature large mesh panels on the inner tent making them slightly cooler inside in winter. In all other respects, the raid series offers full 4-season performance. 

Lightwave says:

The two raid models are the lightest tents we make. At Lightwave, we are reluctant to go into the ultralight fabrics now in vogue as these have a poor longevity thanks to UV-degradation. The 20 denier flysheet used in our raid tents are as light as we are prepared to go. Depending on the amount of use, you may get 5-10 years usage. (Flysheets made from 15 or even 10 denier yarns will have a short life, representing not only a poor return on the money spent, but are also more irresponsible in environmental terms as you would be replacing these far more often. They do not make good ground-fill.)

Despite their relatively low weight, our raid tents are still suitable for 4-season use and will handle any wind and rain (and actually, we don’t see the point of making any tent that’s not capable of keeping the elements out). Because these tents have a large amount of mesh on the inner tent, you may find you need to use a warmer sleeping bag when winter camping.

Both the t10 (a one-person tunnel) and g15 (a compact 2-person semi-geodesic) are pitched inner-first. When trying to make our tents as light as possible, this system allows for a lighter construction and, equally important, is a superior design for withstanding storm conditions.

The Raid range of tents are all pitched inner first and have colour coded pole sleeves for easy pitching. The t10 Raid is a light 1 person, tunnel tent and the g15 Raid is a generous 1 person semi-geodesic tent that could also accommodate 2 people up to 185cm in height.

The Raid tent range have a 3/4 season rating, this is because they feature large mesh panels on the inner tent, making them slightly cooler inside the winter. In all other respects, the Raid series offers full 4 season performance, although the 20 denier fabric inevitably means that the longevity of the flysheet is reduced.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

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Help and advice:
  • The raid flysheet is made from high-tenacity 20-denier nylon, which has comparable tear resistance to our 30 and 40 denier fabrics, but ultimately will not last as long in prolonged exposure to UV. Like all Lightwave tent flysheets it is silicone-coated on both sides (for water-resistance). Silicone coatings maintain the inherent strength of the fabric, whereas the conventional polyurethane (PU) coatings typically used on most tents reduce the tear strength by up to 70%.
  • The raid groundsheet is made from a lightweight 50-denier taffeta (plain weave) nylon. The 50-denier fabric is a reasonable balance between the need to save weight and provide adequate protection from abrasion and moisture. With most of our tents, we don’t generally advocate the use of a footprint, but on the raid tents, we recommend this where it is appropriate to do so – in other words, when you know ground conditions are going to be harsh, or weight being carried (a footprint is an additional 200 g) is not quite so critical.
  • We use the DAC Featherlite poles on the raid tents simply because these have proved themselves time and again as the most reliable of the lighter weight alloys (ie non 7001-T6 alloy which is employed in probably 90% of all backpacking tents in the world.)
  • Pegs are very important – without them, no tent could withstand anything more than the slightest breeze. Raid tents use our Lightning peg – similar in weight to most standard pegs, but substantially stronger and capable of living with some serious abuse. Costing four times as much as normal wire pegs, these are seldom seen on all but the most highly specified and expensive tents. Supplementing these for non-critical peg-points are our Flash pegs (which are literally “half a Lightning peg”).
  • Raid guylines are made of standard 2.0 mm nylon. They work, and with our Linelok adjusters they work and adjust very well.


  • Flysheet weighs: 566g
  • Inner weighs: 566g
  • Pole set weighs: 558g
  • Total weight: 1690g (excludes pegs & bags)
  • Pegs & bags weigh: 146g
  • Pack size: 45 x 15cm
  • Length: 210cm
  • Width: 120cm
  • Height: 100cm
  • Porch: 95cm


  • Flysheet: 45 g/m2, 20d nylon 6.6 ripstop, silicone-coated both sides, 3000 mm hydrostatic head
  • Groundsheet: 70 g/m2, 30d nylon taffeta, 3-pass PU-coated, 3000 mm hydrostatic head, factory-taped seams
  • Inner canopy: 25g/m2, 15d nylon 6.6 ripstop, DWR treated
  • Poles: DAC 8.84 mm Featherlite (aluminium alloy)
  • Pegs: Lightning pegs, 11 g each, square section, Flash pegs, 7 g each, rectangular section
  • Guylines: 2.00 mm nylon, 3 m length, Linelok adjusters


Both the raid models are pitched inner-first. Lightwave is an ardent supporter of this pitching method for the following reasons: 1. It gives greater structural integrity. Because the poles run through sleeves on the inner canopy, they directly tension and support the walls and built-in groundsheet of the inner tent and give it taut and stable three-dimensional shape. 2. It allows the flysheet to be tensioned better and more easily. Without external pole sleeves, inner-pitch tents have a more streamlined, “slippery” profile and thus a greater ability to withstand high winds. 3. It makes for a lighter tent and a simpler construction, since it does not require the connecting mechanisms needed to secure the inner tent to the flysheet.
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