Vargo Titanium Triad XE Stove

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Vargo's Titanium Triad XE Stove has been designed for those weight-conscious backpackers who generally only boil water and do not prepare eleaborate meals. This stove can be used with denatured alcohol or solid fuel tablets. It is perfect for preparing morning oatmeal or a dinner of dehydrated noodles.

Vargo says:

The multi-fuel Triad XE picks up where other stoves fall short. By burning denatured alcohol, fuel tabs, or fuel gels, the Triad XE is your all season, all terrain, go-to ultralight stove. Use the inner canister to burn your choice of alcohol or when faced with high altitude or subfreezing temps remove the inner canister and add your fuel tabs or gel. Don’t let your alcohol stove hold you back on your next excursion!

*Using a windscreen is recommended for optimal performance.

1) Fully extend the top and bottom legs and press stove legs into ground to create a stable surface (do not light on a rock or picnic table etc).

2) Remove lid from inner container and carefully pour denatured alcohol inside container to desired level.

3) Lightly press on lid to create a seal (do not over press or lid will become difficult to remove).

4) Prime stove by squirting 5~6 drops of alcohol between the outer and inner container then light.

-If burning fuel tabs simply remove inner container and place fuel tab in center of outer base.

This Vargo stove is designed to burn De-natured alcohol (Methylated Spirits) or solid fuel tablets.

The attraction of this type of stove is its simplicity and reliability while being very lightweight. In some areas of the world such as the US and Scandinavia Meths is a preferred fuel and so is redily available this may affect your choice of stove if visiting these areas.

The drawbacks of Meths stoves are that there is no output control and the stove must be left burning until all the fuel is used up. Furthermore it needs to fully cool before being refilled.

That said with use it is easy to estimate fuel use and you can get very adept at pouring in just the right amount of fuel for the meal you are cooking. Its weight compares well to the home made soda can stove when you consider that the Triad has a stable base and integrated pan supports and its even lighter in the tablet mode.

The burner lid on the triad can be a tight fit so its best to store it off the fuel container.


>Never burn this stove indoors.

>Only use denatured alcohol as fuel. Using white gas or other fuels will cause explosion and possible injury.

>Be sure flame is fully extinguished before re-fueling.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

  • Multi-fuel capability for all season, all terrain use
  • Removeable inner canister to easily switch from alcohol or fuel tab/gel burning mode
  • Retractable pot supports and legs for excellent pot and stove stability
  • Compact design makes it incredibly packable
  • Solid titanium construction
  • Weight of outer (tablet stove) 26g
  • Weight of both parts (Meths stove) 42g
  • Outer Canister (folded): 80mm
  • Outer Canister (legs extended): 99mm
  • Inner Canister: 62 mm
  • Total Height: 30 mm
  • Fuel capacity: 37 ml
  • Burn time: ~15 mins (alcohol), various burn times for fuel tab(s) and gels
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