Fire Maple FMS-X1 Star Heat Exchanger Gas Cooking System

1.3L Pot
Weighs 450g (complete set)
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Fire Maple's FMS-X1 Star Heat Exchanger Cooking System utilises heat exchanger technology and virtually eliminates wind interference to create a highly efficient cooking system. This type of system really comes into its own during long trips where the additional weight of the system is compensated by the weight of fuel saved.

Fire Maple says: The star cooking system is very efficient, with a heat exchanger on the bottom of the pan it can increase the effectiveness of the fuel by around 30%. With pot cosy and heat efficient lid.

Fire Maple's Star cooking system uses the same technology components as some other brands, namely a pot with a heat exchanger that can be closely coupled with the burner and protected from the wind. A cosy round the pot further conserves heat as does the rubberised clip on lid.

Its an effective setup that can eek out your fuel upto 30%, a lot more if you usually cook without a windscreen. Having used a few of this type of setup there are a few things we really like about this one, firstly the handles are attached to the pan - not to the pot cosy - when the latter is the case the unit can be a bit unwieldly.

The coupling of the pot to the burner unit is very easy and not too tight. Sometimes it can be tricky to de-couple the pot after cooking but the Star seems to have this covered. We also like the fact that the burner unit and pot can be stood solidly on the ground when the unit is removed from the gas.

The pot size is about 1.3L which is an ideal size for two people cooking a reasonable meal, though with all these high efficiency stoves simmering can be a bit of a black art because so much of the heat is being used.

The system is sized so that you can pack a small 100g gas cartridge into the pot with the burner and lid fitted securely. The kit includes a single eating bowl, which is quite nice but there's only one - the kit is ideal for two people so it would have been nice to squeeze in two bowls if they could.

The stove is lit using a piezo igniter - this is more or less essential because once coupled to the pot the stove burner is largely inaccessible.

We like this kit, it does what its supposed to do well, in comparison to some others its on the heavy side but then again its extremely price competitive and is aimed at two people who would share the weight.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

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  • Heat Exchanger technology
  • Integrated pot cosy
  • Piezo Igniter
  • Gas canister (100g) fits in pot
  • Graduation marks on the inside of the pot, 250ml steps


  • 1.3L pot weighs 234g
  • Stove unit weighs 182g
  • Lid weighs 34g
  • Total weight: 450g
  • Weight of eating bowl: 42g
  • Mesh storage bag weighs 16g
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