Primus Lite+ All-In-One Stove

Weighs 440g (set weight)
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Primus's Lite+ close coupled gas stove system is super efficient so you don't need to burn as much fuel to brew up - on longer trips this means you carry less gas and therefore less weight.

Primus says: Lite+ sets a new standard for compact all-in-one stoves. The unique locking mechanism (patent pending) makes it very sturdy and thanks to the Laminar Flow Burner Technology (patent pending), the stove has a lower burner than would otherwise be possible, resulting in a more stable, lighter and compact stove.

Perfect for the solo trip or a coffee break for two - with the optional coffee press it makes two cups of fresh coffee in a handful of minutes! The stove and all accessories, including a 100 gram gas cartridge, fit into the 500ml hard anodised aluminiuum pot.

For 2015 Lite+ comes with a new heat resistant sleeve in durable G-1000 with felt lining. The sleeve also features a webbing handle with the added ability to use the stove hanging. The lid cuts cooking time and keeps all the parts securely in place in your backpack - and can also be used as a mug.

Lite+ includes a foot support for added stability on uneven surfaces and a suspending cord.

Primus' Lite+ All-in-one Stove uses Primus's close coupled stove system to ensure heating of water and cooking uses the least fuel possible. This type of stove is ideal for fast and efficient boiling of water even in windy conditions but the rapid transfer of heat to the pot and its contents can cause challenges if you want to simmer food - you need to keep stirring it!

The pot cosy keeps the contents hot when removed from the heat but Primus recommend you don't leave it on when cooking - having said that every promo shot I've seen for this stove show it being used with the cosy in place - perhaps Primus are covering themselves. There's a fabric handle which is OK - but it feels a bit insecure when the pot is full but you can just grab the cosy anyway.

The whole system is easy to use and has impressive efficiency - this type of stove is heavier than others because of the heat exchanger, however it saves weight for trips longer than a few days because you don't need to carry as much fuel.

The Lite+ model comes with three posts that screw into the burner unit if you want to use a different pot to the one supplied with the stove - a handy option but you lose the benefits of the close coupled system.

This Lite+ model is the 'deluxe' one, there's the Lite which is the same stove unit but with fewer features/enclosures - included in the Lite+ but not the Lite is:

  • It comes with a suspension kit
  • There's a better lid
  • It has a better handle - but its still a bit floppy
  • It comes with three posts required if you want to use other pots on this burner unit
  • It has a gas canister stand included.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

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  • Perfect for solo adventures
  • Efficient all-in-one stove
  • Compact
  • Piezo ignition
  • Packed size: 10 x 15cm
  • In use size: 10 x 26cm
  • Power: 1500W / 4500 BTU/h
  • Boil time: 2:45 for 0.5L
  • 100g gas cartridge lasts 59 mins
  • Lid weighs 49g
  • Foot rest weighs 22g
  • Hanging kit weighs 4g
  • Stove weighs 156g
  • Pot 209g
  • Set weighs 440g
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