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Trail Designs's Caldera Cone Stove is now renowned as being one of the most efficient and simple ways of cooking using a meths stove whilst backpacking. The aluminium cone fits your specified pot perfectly giving you a super stable platform to hold your boiling hot water. The pot & cone are placed over the stove once it is lit and in around 7 minutes you'll have boiling water. This is a long boil time compared to gas stoves but the Caldera Cone stove system is silent in comparison and gives a more satisfying experience.

Trail Designs says:

This is a revolutionary approach to alcohol stove cookery. Trail DesignsTM has developed a cone and stove system that is tuned to specific pots to create the most efficient alcohol stove system in the known universe.

By completely enclosing the pot and stove within the Caldera Cone, and fine tuning the alcohol stove (included) to work in that environment, we are now able to milk every last BTU out of your fuel and funnel it onto all sides of your pot. Not only does the cone system optimize your fuel usage, we also eliminate the need for a pot stand by supporting the pot from the top of the cone..... and its wide base provides the most stable system on the market. And if that weren't enough, by totally enclosing the pot and stove, nothing performs better in the wind. Period. The Caldera Cone unfolds to pack flat or you can roll it up for easy storage.

This latest version of the Caldera Cone features a bomb-proof dovetail closure mechanism, venting that is biased to one side so you can block the wind better, and is made of lighter weight material. As always, the Caldera System includes the cone, custom tuned stove, and fuel bottle.

TGO magazine contributor Chris Townsend reviewed a range of Methylated Spirit stoves and made these comments:

'One model stands out in this collection: the Caldera Stove. The Trail Designs system combines excellent wind resistance, fueld efficiency, ease of use and ultralight weight, nothing else compares with it. .....shows that for maximum performance a meths stove needs to be part of a system that works together.. maximise fuel efficiency you need to use exactly the right amount of meths when cooking on these stoves, so a small measuring cup or a measuring bottle with a narrow spout is essential. A pot cosy is very useful for saving fuel too and also because simmering is difficult or impossible with with most meths stoves. Equip yourself with the right accessories and meths can provide an efficient means of cooking outdoors uninterrupted by the noisy roaring you'd expect from other types of fuel.'

We've also received this stand-out review from one of our customers:

My wife and myself recently completed the GR5 – 1500 miles from the Hook of Holland to Nice. We wild camped nearly every night for 4 ½ months and used the Caldera stove every day. It was absolutely fantastic and I can honestly not think of any other stove available that would have been as good. Gas was simply not available in the smaller towns and villages through which we passed, we didn’t see many petrol stations on the trail and even if we had I don’t think petrol stations are very keen on selling small quantities of petrol. Meths is the normal fuel for this stove but cooking alcohol works perfectly and was available throughout Europe even in the smallest of shops.

The Caldera is perhaps not the fastest at boiling water but waiting an extra few minutes for a cup of tea didn’t really matter! We had a cooked meal almost every day and the burn time was perfect for rice, noodles, soups and pasta for two people. The Caldera is very fast to assemble and to light, not at all affected by wind. It is lightweight and when it is packed away in its plastic box stands up to the rigours of everyday camping.

- Reviewed by Peter Lloyd, customer of Ultralight Outdoor Gear

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

  • Caldera Cone specifically designed to fit one of the listed pots - please note you are just buying the stove, the pot is not included.
  • Complete with Caldera Caddy
  • Includes meths stove made from recycled drinks can
  • Fuel bottle and measuring cup included
  • Full instructions
  • Burner weight 16g
  • Cone weight approx 44g
  • Combined weight 60g
  • Fuel Bottle weight 32g
  • Total weight of system, including caddy 168g
  • Boil time for 500ml water - 7 mins 18secs
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