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Designed for demanding hiking on and off the beaten track. The X-Socks Outdoor range perfectly compliments the functionality of a sports trekking shoe or ankle-length mountain boot. 

X-Socks says:

MAXIMUM COMFORT, MINIMAL RISK OF BLISTERS. Developed for demanding treks on and off groomed trails. The X-SOCKS® Outdoor perfectly complements a sporty trekking shoe or a mid-cut boot. While the X-Cross® Bandage, Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector and Toe Protectors protect the foot from injury, a temperature-regulating system provides for comfortably dry feet.

With every step, the Traverse AirFlow Channels under the soles pump moisture out of the shoe via the Air-Conditioning Channel®. Fresh air is pulled in between every step. Simulatenously, the AirVent Zone on the instep maintains space for air to circulate unimpeded. With that you gain an optimally temperature-regulated, dry foot that resists blisters.

I've worn X-socks for some years now and find them to be excellent - the evidence quite frankly is that you don`t even think about them - they`re just there and they work - your feet remain comfortable and odour free (well almost). The Outdoor sock is even more suited to outdoor/trekking activity and they are the lightest yet. Highly recommended.

Like all X-socks they're quite thin - if you like thin short socks grab these.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

  • Air-Conditioning Channel - We positioned the Air-Conditioning Channel under the arch of the foot, the area that normally does not touch the ground. It begins there and then moves along the foot up to the cuff. Covering only 30 % of the skin’s surface, it is constructed using a fine-knit mesh, so with every step, moist air is pumped out of the shoe and fresh air is drawn back in. An optimal air circulation system for the foot is now a reality: fresh air can even be circulated within a snug-fitting shoe.
  • Aktiv-Bund - The Aktiv-Bund adapts to any leg size without slipping or constricting. That guarantees for a perfect fit and wearing comfort.
  • Heel Protector - The heel area is particularly prone to blisters: the Heel Protector absorbs friction and thus effectively decreases the risk of blistering.
  • Toe Protector - The asymmetric Toe Protector absorbs pressure and perfectly hugs the contour of the asymmetric toe area.
  • ToeTip Protector - Everyone knows the unpleasant feeling when a toe constantly bumps up against the shoe. After a while you have a painful sore spot. The chances of this problem occurring while doing sports is quite high because the continuous movement can cause the foot to slide forward in the shoe. To buffer the foot from this pressure the ToeTip Protector is made of a Robur that cushions and protects the toes and the especially sensitive tips of the toes.
  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System - The three-channel cross-ventilation system helps conduct warmth and moisture into the Air-Conditioning Channel.
  • X­-Cross Bandage - Our feet depend on the fine-tuned interaction of tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. One careless step can be enough to destroy this experienced team. Therefore the ankles require extra protection without inhibiting the foot’s freedom. This is why we invented the X-Cross Bandage. It is a cross ankle bandage knitted from an elastic material, which stabilises the ankle and optimally supports the foot’s function without limiting the freedom of movement.
  • All sizes weigh around 40g / 1.4 oz
  • Insulation: Warm
  • Compression: Medium
  • Developed for: Hiking / Trekking / Mountaineering
  • Material: 42% Polyester, 7% Polyamide, 19% Polypropylene, 2% Elastane
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