Product Reviews for NeoAir XLite Small Sleeping Mat

Warm and comfortable

I really like this mat, I've used it down to around -6 degrees without being cold and it is very comfortable. I have found it very slippery on my polycro groundsheet. The best solution I've found is to use a short, 3mm thick closed cell foam mat underneath which is quite grippy. It got a very small hole in the top, which was a bit of a mystery to me, but it was easily fixed with the supplied repair kit.

August 19, 2019
Small and light but you can roll off!

I have used this 3/4 length airbed on snow as well as in more benign conditions with my legs below the airbed resting on my rucksack. In combination with a winter sleeping bag I was warm and cosy, sleeping well. The only issue I found was that once or twice each night I rolled off it, maybe as it shifted sideways, and woke up on the cold groundsheet. This was despite my tent being small and being surrouded by bits and pieces. The inclusion of a repair kit with the airbed was a bit worrying but it has not leaked yet....

April 3, 2019
Classic piece

An Ultralight staple, the famous XLite. When fully inflated it is quite comfortable. Forget the complaint about noise you tend to hear a lot about this product. It never bothered me enough not to sleep, and after a few uses it goes away. Notice however, it is narrow and tapered, so your arms might have trouble staying on top. The valve is secure, it regulates your inflation breath. It takes about 6-7 good breaths for maxing out. Pack down volume is very small. The downside of this mat I would say is the not so great warmth. Personally I found it too cold for temperatures below 7-8 deg Celsius. My back was getting slight chills. I might have to use my jacket for these temps. However, I use a very light bivy and thin groundsheet, and sleep on wet ground. If you are in a dry place and use a 30D groundsheet you might be able to go to 2-5 C with this is I suspect. But I do not think it is suitable for 0 C. An air mat R rating depends on more factors than a foam mat. So you might get slightly less warmth than the specs. Overall 4/5. Comfort 4/5 Weight/Volume 5/5 Warmth 3.5/5

October 26, 2018