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The Aeros Down Pillow from Sea to Summit is a light-weight luxury item giving you extra comfort and warmth with a minimal weight and space penalty.

Sea to Summit says:

Combine the ultralight and super compact nature of our Aeros Pillows with the comfort and warmth of down. By using ultralight materials to construct a down cushion-top over a TPU air bladder, our Aeros Down Pillow is the lightest fully featured down pillow on the market.

Light, warm and comfortable, the premium down cushion-top is made from the same exceptionally light and transparent 10D fabric used in our Spark sleeping bags.

Diferentially cut horizontal baffles reduce down migration and prevent the down compressing, even when the air bladder is fully inflated. The cushion-top wraps over the front of the pillow for neck comfort. The rest of the pillow case is made from lightweight 20D fabric.

Our Aeros bladders use a unique long-lasting anti-hydrolysis TPU film which prevents material breakdown from moisture exposure. Extremely light, the bladders horizontal baffles create a 3D surface that cradles the head for additional support. The multi-function mini-valve provides easy inflation, deflation and fine tuning.

Sea to Summit's Aeros Down Pillow is a light-weight and packable travel cushion with the extra comfort and insulation provided by the down baffles. Only 14 grams heavier than the Aeros Ultralight pillow and a marginally bigger pack size the down pillow is worthy alternative for winter campers.

Due to the down baffles the shape of the pillow is not as contoured as other pillows in the Aeros range so there is less cradling of the head. The Pillow lock feature allows you to secure the pillow to any Sea to Summit sleeping mat. The multi-functional valve allows for easy inflation and deflation.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

  • Premium down cushion-top for comfort and warmth
  • Ultralight and high-strength TPU bladder
  • Differentially cut baffles allow maximum down loft
  • Technical fabrics for lightweight performance
  • Multi-function mini-valve for easy inflate, deflate and fine tuning
  • Store and transport in compact 20D stuff sack
  • Care instructions: Close valve, gently hand wash and air dry


  • Weight: 68g (excludes pouch)
  • Dimensions: 12 x 34 x 24cm
  • Pack size: 8 x 6.5cm


  • Weight: 86g (excludes pouch)
  • Dimensions: 12 x 42 x 28cm
  • Pack size: 9 x 7cm



  • Weight: 168g (excludes pouch)
  • Dimensions: 12 x 59 x 38cm
  • Pack size: 14 x 8cm
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Review Summary - 4 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.
September 15, 2021 | Ian MacLennan
Sets expectations that it does not deliver

I bought an Aeros Down pillow to replace my 25 year old foam pillow which was very supportive but more than twice the weight of the Aeros. I confess to being utterly seduced by its very low weight and pack size, and by the very prominent down layer on the sleeping surface which promised a sweat free sleep. I have never used an air pillow before so my expectations may have been completely unrealistic, but this pillow was a big disappointment! The basic requirement for a pillow is that it should support the head and be sufficiently breathable to minimize sweating, but the Aeros Down failed me completely on both counts. A consequence of its amazingly low weight is that the pillow has no mass to stop it moving so it will readily shoot off the sleeping mat when you turn your head. This should not be a problem if used on a compatible Sea to Summit mat with “Pillow Lock System” but on my Thermorest Uber Light mat the friction was probably comparable to a banana skin on ice so I spent a lot of time retrieving and repositioning my pillow in the night. My Thermarest Prolite Plus mat has a tad more surface friction than the Uberlight but not enough to ensure the pillow stays in position any better. The down layer that features prominently in the product pics looks wonderful and appears to have real bulk. Sadly (and its overall weight should have been a clue) my Regular pillow has barely enough down to make a duvet for an anorexic midge. Also, the down is retained by the nylon/plastic outer membrane so I found that there was no discernible difference in sweat levels between this expensive pillow and a Sea to Summit stuff bag filled with spare clothes. In fact, I realised that it was better to turn the pillow over so that the down was on the underside and sleep on the grey felt/fleece “Pillow Lock” side. You then have to contend with the inflating valve, but at least you’re not sweating. The down feature is a triumph of marketing over functionality and it set expectations that it failed to deliver in practice. My last negative about comfort probably applies to all air pillows : pump them hard to minimize movement and they become very uncomfortable. Let out some air to allow more softness and your head then acts like an external piston on the undamped air contained within the bladder so your head flops about very easily – there’s just no resistance to head motion so the head does not get enough support. Of course this is where my old foam pillow was so good. It had real material between its surfaces which cushioned the head and restricted motion, and it wasn’t that much heavier either. I realise that some of my disappointment is because my expectations for the Aeros Down were probably unrealistic when comparing it to my old foam pillow and also that some of my issues are probably generic to all air pillows. However my two stars are based on the view that this £55 pillow just does not live up to its marketing hype and is pretty unusable on my Thermarest Uberlight mat. However all was not lost! A half inflated Aeros, surrounded by my Rab lightweight down vest, and fitted inside an old Thermarest fleece pillow case actually makes a very luxurious pillow. The pillow case adds only 35g but the combination of the three items creates an excellent pillow that actually works as a pillow should: the Aeros is acts like a flexible bladder (albeit a very expensive one!) to adjust the volume and firmness while the jacket and outer fleece covering provide non sweaty cushioning and friction on the mat. Had I known then what I know now about air pillows then I could have saved a lot of money by buying a much cheaper air pillow to use as a bladder inside a pillow case!

Ultralight Outdoor Gear Limited
June 22, 2019 | Rik Provoost
WOW, so comfy!

Extremely light, super comfortable and made of strong materials. That's the base. Not very well visible on the photographs, but the white part of the pillow is the down compartment. Once blown up the air pocket part to your preferred way, the down gives you a wonderful feeling once your head lays on it! It also insulates and takes away the sweaty feeling you can experience with other models. A nice feature is that you can hook the pillow on your Sea to Summit mattress, so the pillow doesn't wander around at night. I have no such a mattress, but it makes it worth thinking about...

Ultralight Outdoor Gear Limited