Cicerone The Pyrenees

The High Pyrenees from the Cirque de Lescun to the Carlit Massif
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A resource book covering the finest walks, treks and climbs in the High Pyrenees for 400km between France and Spain, from the Cirque de Lescun, on the edge of the Basque country in the west, to the Carlit massif and the Cerdagne to the east of Andorra. It is the first in our World Mountain Ranges series.

Cicerone says:

The guide describes the High Pyrenees from the Cirque de Lescun in the west to the Carlit massif and Cerdagne east of Andorra, in five regional chapters.

The guide contains:

  • Valley-by-valley descriptions of range, its facilities and infrastructure
  • Information on the best mountaineering, walking and climbing opportunities in the area
  • Summaries of long-distance through-routes and treks
  • Accommodation, camping, refuges and travel details
  • Extensive introductory materials on the region, climate, geology, structure, towns, villages, access, best regions
  • History and background of the great explorations, with profiles of the pioneers and personalities of each range
  • A full listing of all the Pyrenean 3000m summits and their location
  • Detailed sketch maps and excellent colour photographs.


For nearly 50 years Cicerone have been producing guidebooks on recognised treks, regions, areas and general tips for hikers.

We have used them countless times and they've always provided excellent insight and knowledge that you only get through experience, giving you the edge to make your trip a success and more enjoyable too.

If you're a gram counter you can easily remove sections of the book to take with you making your own ultra-lightweight guidebook with only the essential sections that you require.

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Describes year-round activities - walking, trekking, climbing plus winter climbs, ski tours.


Outlines all the valleys and possible centres for exploring the High Pyrennes. If it's not here, it's not there (umm)...


Not a pure routes book, this Mountain Range Guide includes every mountain activity at every possible level. Something for everyone - a true compendium.

Must See

Cirque de Lescun, Cirque de Gavarnie, Ordesa Canyon, Pineta Canyon... and these only scratch the surface of the opportunities in the Pyrenees


  • Edition: First
  • Number of pages: 464
  • Size: 21.6 x 13.8 x 2.7cm
  • Weighs 840g

About this Book

When to Go
Getting There
Travel within the Pyrenees
Maps and Guidebooks
Health Considerations

The Mountains
The Pyrenees – Coast to Coast
National Parks
Mountain Activities
    Winter Climbing
    A Potted History of Pyrénéisme
The 3000m Summits
Information at a Glance

CHAPTER 1: The Western Valleys
1:1 Vallée d’Aspe
1:2 The Cirque de Lescun
1:3 Upper Vallée d’Aspe
1:4 Valle del Aragón (Valle de Canfranc)
1:5 Valle de Echo
1:6 Valle de Ansó
1:7 Vallée d’Ossau
1:8 Vallée du Valentin
1:9 The Upper Vallée d’Ossau
1:10 Valle de Tena
Access, Bases, Maps and Guides


CHAPTER 2: Cirques and Canyons
2:1 Vallée du Gave de Pau
2:2 Vallée d’Estaing
2:3 Vallée d’Arrens
2:4 Vallée de Cauterets
2:5 Vallée du Marcadau
2:6 Vallée de Gaube
2:7 Vallée de Lutour
2:8 Vallée de Bastan
2:9 In and around the Néouvielle reserve
2:10 Vallée de Héas
2:11 Cirque de Gavarnie
2:12 Valle del Ara
2:13 Valle de Ordesa
2:14 Valle de Añisclo
2:15 Valle de Tella
2:16 Valle de Pineta
2:17 Valle de Barrosa
Access, Bases, Maps and Guides


CHAPTER 3: The Central Pyrenees
3:1 Vallée d’Aure
3:2 Vallée du Louron
3:3 Vallée d’Oô
3:4 Vallée de la Pique
3:5 Valle de Gistaín
3:6 Valle del Ésera
3:7 Valle de Eriste
3:8 Valle de Estós
3:9 Vallhiverna
3:10 Upper Ésera
Access, Bases, Maps and Guides


CHAPTER 4: Enchanted Mountains
4:1 Pays de Couserans
4:2 Vallée du Biros
4:3 Vallée de Bethmale
4:4 Upper Vallée du Salat
4:5 Vallée d’Ustou
4:6 Vallée du Garbet
4:7 Vall d’Aran
4:8 Vall Noguera Ribagorçana
4:9 Vall de Boí
4:10 Vall Fosca
4:11 Vall d’Espot
4:12 Vall d’Àneu
4:13 Vall de Cardós
4:14 Vall Ferrera
Access, Bases, Maps and Guides


CHAPTER 5: Andorra and the Eastern High Pyrenees
5:1 Vallée du Vicdessos
5:2 Haute Vallée de l’Ariège
5:3 Andorra
5:4 Vallée d’Orlu
5:5 The Carlit Massif
5:6 The Cerdagne
5:7 Vall de Núria
Access, Bases, Maps and Guides


APPENDIX A: A Pyrenean Glossary
APPENDIX B: Index of Pyrenean Valleys – West to East
APPENDIX C: Index of Maps



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