Product Reviews for Piezo Igniter for Gas Canister Stoves

Ok until it gets wet

I carried two of these and they worked very well until the day they got wet - they both immediately stopped working and took several hours to dry out. However the water that came out the lighter was rusty and the spark is not so good no so I would not rely on them at all especially in damp conditions.

August 8, 2017
Good while it lasted

Good while it lasted, but after about a year of use it stopped sparking. I had a fire-steel as a backup and was able to continue around Iceland using that, but could have been stuffed otherwise! Bought a replacement, still a very convenient thing to use vs fire-steel, but it's just extra weight if you have to carry a backup! Oddly, can't get it to light my windburner. Trusty firesteel for that too!

June 22, 2017
MSR piezo igniter

Simple, light weight and reliable.

July 20, 2016