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  • Double Mosquito Pyramid Net
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Most mosquitos, including thos that carry malaria, are active when its dark. A mosquito net not only keeps malaria mosquitos away but also other insects, such as lice, bed bugs and fleas. So contributing to a good nights sleep.

A Mosquito net only offers extra protection against mosquitos and other insects if it is sealed off all around and has a mesh size of no more than 1.75mm. Nets may be impregnated with an insect repellent substance which makes them more effective. Non-impregnated nets are ideal for home use or for trips to Europe.

Impregnated Mosquito Nets

With the use of non-impregnated nets there is a risk that mosquitos might bite through the net. Impregnation offers extra safety because mosquitos cannot land on the net and bite through it. For trips to areas with Malaria risk it is advised that an impregnated net be used.

Long-lasting impregnation mosquito nets are recommended by the World Health Organisation for use in areas of high malaria risk, such as tropical Africa, the Amazon region and parts of South East Asia.

Mesh size

Mesh means the number of holes which can be counted in a piece of net measuring 1 square inch. According to the WHO a non-impregnated net may have a mesh of 156 and an impregnated net have a mesh of 56.

Midge proof netting

Not all mesh is effective against midge and other smaller insects. These primarily occur in northerly countries such as Scandanavia, Scotland and Canada. A very fine mesh is required to protect against these insect and the flow of air through a midge proof nest is lower than with other nets. For this reason the midge proof net is not recommended for use in tropical and sub-tropical areas because it can result in a lack of air.