Evernew Water Carriers

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Evernew's Water Bottles offer lightweight storage for your water when on the trail, they have a neat storage cord and the cap is attached so you'll never lose it!

Evernew says:

Our collapsible water carriers come in 3 sizes with a combination of features only available from the Evernew water carrier range. All our water carriers come with a built in shock cord for storage, 3 layer polyethylene construction, antibacterial treatment, attached textured cap, a tapered body allowing it to stand on a flat surface when full, and are all compatible with the Sawyer Water Filtration System.

Evernew's Water Bottle's are similar to another well known make (!?!), they stand up when filled with water and have a screw top. Like other bottles of this nature they can be hard to fill unless you can get the open neck into flowing water - but other than that light drawback their weight and collapsed size more than compensate.

These Evernew models have a neat cord to keep them rolled up when empty and the cap is attached so you can't lose it.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

  • 3 layer polyethylene construction
  • Gusseted bottom allowing it to stand on a flat surface when full
  • Built in shock cord for storage
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • Attached textured cap so that it can't be lost
  • Middle section of the bottle is tapered for easy grabbing
  • Heat/Cold resistant temperature: -20 to 90 degrees S / -4 to 194 degrees F
  • Compressive strength: 80kg (f 784N)
  • 900ml: weighs 29g, dimensions 28 x 15cm
  • 1.5L: weighs 36g, dimensions 33 x 17cm
  • 2L: weighs 42g, dimensions 33 x 21cm
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Review Summary - 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
September 1, 2021 | Mark Duffy
A 'clear' winner

Very happy with the Evernew water carrier having used the original Sawyer bag and Source liquitainer previously. Both failed on me, but so far the Evernew is not showing the same deterioration. Robustness aside, the other big advantage of this version is that it is completely clear. Very often water in a stream can look clear, but may contain organic matter that can quickly clog a filter. When there are multiple water sources on a route, this allows the water to be inspected before carrying it on to camp. The fit is perfect for the Sawyer squeeze.

Ultralight Outdoor Gear Limited
April 4, 2018 | Chris R
Excellent, long lasting - and a perfect fit for a Sawyer Filter

Soft water bottles in general will never be as robust as a hard version or even a reused supermarket fizzy drink or mineral water bottle, but Evernew definitely makes one of the best versions. I initially got an Evernew bag as someone showed me the threads were a perfect match for the Sawyer filters (side note: get the Sawyer Squeeze - the Sawyer Mini is awful after a few uses). The bags that come with the Sawyer filters are truly rubbish and will only last a few weeks of consistent use with the filter. They always break at the sharp join where the top of the bag meets the wide thread section. I have used multiple Platypus bags, and these are pretty sturdy, but will still pop if accidentally pressured, and they have the same weak spot near the top that the Sawyer and most other bags have. They can be 'encouraged' to screw into the Sawyer filter, but are never a great fit so can be leaky and annoying, especially in very cold conditions. The Evernew bags are a bit more expensive than most of the others, but 100% worth it. They are stronger, can survive a lot more abuse, fit the filter threads perfectly and are perfectly happy being held under pressure whether in a pack, or when trying to squeeze really poor water through the filters. I personally ditch the orange elastic as soon as I get them and scrawl on the outside with a sharpie to allow me to tell between bags used for clean and untreated water. Also, not sure if this is meant to be done, but there are a few marked spots at the bottom of the bag which you can use a hole punch to pierce (through the thick seam, not into the bag itself) a hole to allow you to hang it and make a gravity filter set up.

Ultralight Outdoor Gear Limited