Product Reviews for Roclite G 370

Not waterproof, poor durability

Didn't stay dry in wet grass, any water that came past the sole unit went straight into the boot so wet feet every hike. Funnily enough once the water was in it kept it in better than out. Uppers started to show serious wear within 6 months around the front of the foot flex points. Very disappointed.

November 30, 2020
Good but not good enough

Comfy shoe with the really good graphene sole. Good combination between trail running shoe and lightweight boot, when it comes to comfort, but not waterproof enough nor breathsble enough in any way to justify the price But can be used for fast hiking. Better off with an Inov8 roclite 315, which is stable, together with a pair of waterproof socks i.e. sealskinz for wet days. Tested in Northern Norway Rago/Padjelanta/Sarek and became wet way way to easy inside which is not straightforward to get out on week+ hikes

May 10, 2020
I cannot think of a reason to buy these again.

I walked 1200 miles in the graphene-soled Inov-8 Roclite G 345 boots and they were comfortable the whole time, but they leaked after only a few hundred miles. So I purchased these G 370 boots because I wanted Inov-8's graphene sole again. I knew they wouldn't be fully waterproof but thought they would breathe better to dry my feet. However, the 370s do not breathe well, so my feet are wet from sweat or rain most of the time and never dry. Also the uppers have holes in them after less than 200 miles on easy paths around my Norfolk home. I've given the boots 2 stars because they are still comfortable and there's no wear on the soles. But I don't see a time when I would ever walk in the hills in them or ever buy them again. I want boots to be one or the other (waterproof or maximum breathabilty) or they are no use. These boots are neither breathable enough to dry your feet while wearing them or fully waterproof to stop them getting wet in the first place.

April 12, 2020
Lightweight, supportive mid-hiker

Worn for well over a hundred miles before writing. No wear to the sole, but some damage to the fabric uppers. Very comfortable, secure heel grip and wide forefoot. Breathable in heat, waterproofing didn't hold up to wet grass but kept the water in once it was there.

November 2, 2019