Nuun Boost Energy Tablets

Food supplement with electrolytes & B vitamins
Weighs 68g (full tube)
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Need a boost? The Nuun Boost energy tablets elevates your hydration. The levels of caffeine and b vitamins give you a boost, and help maintain higher levels of energy. 

Nuun says:

Electrolytes are tiny electronically charged particles that are lost via sweat during exercise. The four main electrolytes that play vital roles in hydration and exercise performance are: sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Nuun energy also contains a unique blend of b vitamins that work to breakdown food for energy. Nuun energy contains 30-100% of dv of these b vitamins making it ideal for absorption without overwhelming the body.

This product contains caffeine which may not be suitable for children. Please consult with your physician with any concerns before using this product.

With optimal electrolytes, caffeine, and b vitamins, nuun energy keeps you hydrated and gives you a boost when you need it most.

The caffeine helps to give your energy a lift, and b vitamins help your body to metabolize fuel efficiently to keep energy high with the same optimal electrolyte level you know and trust from nuun active, nuun energy will also keep you hydrated and cramps at bay.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

Break down of Nuun products:

Nuun Active

You sweat - nuun active hydrates + replenishes.

Packed with electrolytes and using clean ingredients, nuun is the perfect sports drink for your active lifestyle.

Nuun Boost Energy

You need a lift - nuun energy elevates your hydration.

With caffeine from green tea extract, b-vitamins, and electrolytes, nuun energy helps to maintain high levels of energy.

Plus for Nuun

You push yourself - plus for nuun fuels you faster.

Add to nuun active or energy to create an ultimate fast fueling and absorbing sports drink.

Nuun All Day

You want to stay healthy—nuun all day revitalizes.

Nuun all day triggers the body's natural reaction to drink more water by up to 90%.


Which Nuun is right for you?

Nuun ActiveNuun Boost EnergyPlus For NuunNuun All Day
Best for: athletesBest for: athletesBest for: endurance sportsBest for: everyone
Intended use: pre, during, and post workoutIntended use: during activityIntended use: pre/during long/intense workoutsIntended use: all day to stay healthy
Frequency: moderate to high intensities to replace electrolytes lost through sweatFrequency: moderate to high intensities, use as neededFrequency: high intensity and duration activitiesFrequency: consume 2-4 to help promote water consumption
10 calories per tab10 calories per tab50 calories per bottle when mixed (per serving)Under 8 calories (per tablet)
Electrolytes: Na, K, Mg, CaElectrolytes: Na, K, Mg, CaElectrolytes: add to nuun active or energyElectrolytes: Na, K
Optimal electrolyteVitamin b + caffeine enhancedPerformance carbohydrates17 vitamins & minerals
No caffeine40 mg caffeine (per tablet)No caffeineNo caffeine
Plant based sweetenersPlant based sweetenersDextrose + sucroseNo added sugars
9 flavours4 flavoursFlavourless - add to your favourite flavour4 flavours
10 tablets in a tube10 tablets in a tube12 tablets in a tube (6 servings)15 tablets in a tube
  • Plant-based caffeine: caffeine is sourced from green tea extract
  • Clean ingredients: we used plant based sweeteners and ingredients to increase health benefits
  • Gluten-free, dairy + soy free, safe for clean sport certifications
  • Low calorie
  • B vitamins
  • One tube of 10 Nuun tabs weighs 68g
  • 10 calories per tablet - each tablet makes one 16oz sports drink
  • Active Ingredients: sodium (bicarbonate + carbonate), potassium (bicarbonate), magnesium (sulfate), calcium (carbonate), vitamin c, vitamin b12, vitamin b6, niacin, caffeine from green tea extract
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