Nuun Active Hydration Tablets - 10 Tab. Tube

An electrolyte enhanced drink tablet formulated to dissolve in water
Weighs 75g (full tube)
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Nuun is an electrolyte enhanced drink tablet formulated to dissolve in water and designed to keep you optimally hydrated wherever you are.  

So what’s that mean in plain English? Say you’re out on a long run ride or maybe at the gym rather than settle for water or a traditional sports drink loaded with sugar you just fill up your reusable water bottle and drop in a Nuun tab. By the time you tie your shoes or throw on your pack you’ve got a superior electrolyte drink that gives you optimal hydration.  

It has a light refreshing taste that efficiently absorbs faster than water alone and unlike traditional sports drinks it’s sugar free

Nuun says:

Portable nuun hydration tabs allow athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and other active folks to easily and conveniently manage hydration, whenever and wherever they need it.

Nuun is light and refreshing with no sugar and is non-sticky so it’s great in bottles and hydration packs.

Nuun is just electrolytes – it is not a source of sugar or carbs, which allows adventurers to independently manage energy needs with their favourite choice, be it bars, gels, bananas or brownies. (after all, on a hot day, you need to replace more fluids and electrolytes than on a cold day, but you don’t need all the extra sugar and carbs.)

Nuun solves hydration so you can enjoy the day.

Over the past 10 years, nuun has built a passionate following among cyclists, runners, triathletes, swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts. the world’s top elite athletes, (for whom staying hydrated is critical for performance), as well as recreational athletes and active folks alike, use nuun.

Nuun comes in variety of flavours so try them all and find out which are just right for you.

Nuun is a superb product. At the most basic level you get a long refreshing drink for every 6g tablet you carry with you - in the summer I go through two each day - so for a single tube that starts the week at 3.7oz you can get about a weeks worth of drinks - thats truly magnificent if you`re disappearing into the mountains without access to anything but plain water.  

Then there are other beneifts to nuun - but I`ll not wax lyrical about those - I`ll just urge you to try these out - not much to lose and a lot to gain.

- Reviewed by Ultralight Outdoor Gear

Break down of Nuun products:

Nuun Active

You sweat - nuun active hydrates + replenishes.

Packed with electrolytes and using clean ingredients, nuun is the perfect sports drink for your active lifestyle.

Nuun Boost Energy

You need a lift - nuun energy elevates your hydration.

With caffeine from green tea extract, b-vitamins, and electrolytes, nuun energy helps to maintain high levels of energy.

Plus for Nuun

You push yourself - plus for nuun fuels you faster.

Add to nuun active or energy to create an ultimate fast fueling and absorbing sports drink.

Nuun All Day

You want to stay healthy—nuun all day revitalizes.

Nuun all day triggers the body's natural reaction to drink more water by up to 90%.


Which Nuun is right for you?

Nuun ActiveNuun Boost EnergyPlus For NuunNuun All Day
Best for: athletesBest for: athletesBest for: endurance sportsBest for: everyone
Intended use: pre, during, and post workoutIntended use: during activityIntended use: pre/during long/intense workoutsIntended use: all day to stay healthy
Frequency: moderate to high intensities to replace electrolytes lost through sweatFrequency: moderate to high intensities, use as neededFrequency: high intensity and duration activitiesFrequency: consume 2-4 to help promote water consumption
10 calories per tab10 calories per tab50 calories per bottle when mixed (per serving)Under 8 calories (per tablet)
Electrolytes: Na, K, Mg, CaElectrolytes: Na, K, Mg, CaElectrolytes: add to nuun active or energyElectrolytes: Na, K
Optimal electrolyteVitamin b + caffeine enhancedPerformance carbohydrates17 vitamins & minerals
No caffeine40 mg caffeine (per tablet)No caffeineNo caffeine
Plant based sweetenersPlant based sweetenersDextrose + sucroseNo added sugars
9 flavours4 flavoursFlavourless - add to your favourite flavour4 flavours
10 tablets in a tube10 tablets in a tube12 tablets in a tube (6 servings)15 tablets in a tube
  • Tabs quickly dissolve in your own water bottle
  • Easy to take with you
  • Absorbs quickly
  • One tube of 12 Nuun tabs weighs 75g / 2.7oz ...thats 6Litres of hydration Nutritional information for a serving of Nuun based on 1 tablet dissolved in 500ml (16oz) of water.
  • There are under 8 calories per Nuun tablet.  
  • Active Ingredients Level (mg) Sodium (carbonates) 360.0 Potassium (bicarbonate)  100.0 Calcium (carbonate)  12.5 Magnesium (sulphate)  25.0 Vitamin C 37.5 Vitamin B2 500mcg  

Other ingredients:

  • citric acid
  • sorbitol sodium carbonate
  • natural colors/flavors
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • potassium bicarbonate
  • polyethylene glycol
  • magnesium sulfate
  • sodium benzoate
  • calcium carbonate
  • acesulfame potassium
  • riboflavin-5-phosphate.  
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