Corsica - April 2012 - Kitlist



Corsica in April is mainly hot - but high in the mountains there's usually deep snow still lying and while most days are cloud free about a third are cloudy with some rain. On these cloudy days at altitude the temperature can be suprisingly low.

I had a window of opportunity to do a short training walk and even though the guidebook said it was too early to attempt the GR20 - I thought I'd go and have a look. It was too early - the deep snow on the approach to the GR20 passes was melting and very unstable - making following the route difficult and ultimately - too dangerous. However I did have a halcyon few days getting up there with virtually no other soul to bother me - a marked contrast to this trail in the summer months.

Packing for hot weather, cold weather, summer trails and tramping across snow fields was tricky - especially when trying to keep it lightweight - here are the conundrums which wouldn't apply in the summer.

Insulation: I wanted synthetic insulation just in case it was cold during the day and take advantage of down in the evening - knowing also that I could wear both if needbe. My choices worked very well - Montane Nitro jacket as the down piece and Fireball smock as a synthetic piece that would just provide enough insulation for a cold day while working hard.

Hardware: I knew if there was too much ice  I'd be retreating - it wasn't a climb - but I needed to be able to cross moderate snow/ice covered pathway in safety - but since the majority of the route would be snaw and ice free I wanted to take lightwieght boots. My compromise was to use Hillsound trail crampons teamed with inov-8 Roclite 400GTXs. The combo was very successful on the terrain I did cross - when the snow was hardpacked they gave extremely positive grip - making me feel very secure even on steepish slopes.

An ice-axe was a difficult decision - I was using trekking poles for balance and did not expect to be cutting steps - but having the facility to at least attempt to self arrest seemed sensible. Even a shallow slope could be treacherous if there's a long runout. I took the lightest - the Camp Corsa Nanotech - rubbish for cutting steps but with the key bits for use as a self arrest tool.



 Basic Gear carried6157g   Food and consumables2383g
 Discretionary gear carried1568g   Total gear carried11474g
The Basic List         
TentEaston Kilo 1P875g  DiscretionaryCamp Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe 60cm280g
 Granite Gear Air Zipsack for Tent35g   Hillsound Trail Crampons454g
 Easton Pegs and Pole Rep Kit90g   Lumix DMCTZ10218g
       Ortleib Snap Waterproof Case84g
Sleeping BagInfinity 300650g   iPod Nano inc Headphones31g
 Pod Airstream Lite Drysac 20 Litre62g   Gorillapod44g
Sleeping Mat etcNeoair Xlite Short260g   Freeloader Pico and Gel Case62g
 Antigravity Gear Air Pillow27g   Notebook38g
RucksackGranite Gear Crown VC 60 Reg Bag with Long Hipbelt988g      
       Discretionary Carried Gear - Total1568g
RaingearExped Drybag for Waterproofs and Shorties24g      
 OMM Cypher Smock288g      
 Minimus Pants136g  ConsumablesFuel - 1L1000g
       Fuel Bottles, 250ml x 4128g
CookingMini Can Opener9g   Disposable Lighter35g
 Micropur Tablets4g   Water1000g
 STS Ultrasil 10 Litre Sink44g   Currency50g
 Alphalight Spork9g      
 Stacking Set Pouch12g  FoodCoffee70g
 Evernew Titanium Stove86g   Nuun 2 Tabs A Day100g
 Evernew Stacking Set152g      
 Pot Washing Cloth and Pan Saver5g   Food and consumables - Total2328g
 SOTO Pocket Blowtorch50g      
 Vargo Fuel Bottles x 4140g      
       Black Diamond Ultra Distance Poles - 120cm280g
WashroomCoghlans Mirror13g   Suunto Watch80g
 MSR Packsoap75g   Mountain Hardwear Canyon LS Shirt278g
 Toilet Roll36g   Shortie Gaiters65g
 Packtowl Nano - Medium21g   Buff33g
 Disposable Razor10g   Trangoworld Extreme Trekking Pants408g
 Dentofresh45g   Sunday Afternoons Solar Bucket68g
 MSR Packtowl Large52g   Fingerless Thinny33g
 MSR Packtowl Small x 115g   UnderArmour Vented Compression Short136g
 Pee Bottle35g   Xsocks Outdoor Socks40g
First Aid KitCrepe Bandage35g   Gear Worn or Carried About Person - Total1421g
 16 Ibuprofen Pain Killers10g   Grand Total11474g
 Elastoplast Fabric Strapping31g      
 3 Sterole Dressings12g      
 3 Antiseptic Wipes10g      
 STS 1L Drybag22g      
 4 Sachets Suncream36g      
HydrationPlatypus Hoser 2L0g      
 Platypus 2L Water Tank74g      
 Sport Bottle 0.5L with Push-Pull Cap22g      
 Platypus 2L Water Bottle34g      
ClothingMontane Fireball Smock280g      
 Montane Nitro Jacket402g      
 Bionic LS Tee174g      
 Xsocks Outdoor Socks40g      
 Xsocks Extreme Light43g      
 Boxerjock Square Pants88g      
AccessoriesInova Microlight11g      
 Tikka Headlamp65g      
 STS TPU Guide Mapcase and Maps121g      
 Sealline E-case45g      
 Hiker Wallet10g      
 Currency and Credit Cards30g      
 Prescription Sunglasses34g      
 Glass Cleaning Cloth4g      
 Inka Pen6g      
 Coghlans Backpackers Trowel56g      
 Repair Kit15g      
 Fast and Light Repair Kit inc Pouch35g      
 Cable Ties6g      
 STS Small Washbag42g      
 Basic Carried Gear - Total6157g      

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