Tested in the Cairngorms

Extensively tested by moutnain guide group Cairngorm Treks in the Highlands of Scotland throughout Autumn and Winter 2017/18

We are big fans of the original Petzl eLITE and always found it to be an excellent spare torch kept within our first aid kit for times when you need it the most. It's great to see that the new updated version is now almost twice as powerful up from 26 to 50 lumens whilst also packing small and light at only 26 grams! Put into practice this is a much needed increase in brightness from the original eLITE with the small torch giving enough light for a recent night nav from Lochnagar to Loch Callater. This is not a torch you would rely on as your regular choice of light but makes a perfect emergency spare. Petzl obviously designed it with this in mind as it now features a more comfortable elastic head-strap, whistle, and waterproof case. The battery life is excellent claiming to last up to 10 years stored in your pack and lasting around 10 hours on full power when in use. Petzl even offer a 10 year guarantee to back this claim. This is very impressive and as guides gives us the confidence that when needed we always have some form of light within our pack. Petzl have kept to the same choice of beam settings as on the previous model with a low and high-powered white light, red light, and emergency flash.

Comparing the 50 Lumens e+Lite to a Petzl Myo 120 Lumen headTorch

Petzl e+Lite light spread at 50 Lumens

The e+Lite gives off a good amount of light for it's weight and price. especially when your eyes are adjusted to the darkness.

Compared with light spread of the Petzl Myo at 120 Lumens

The e+Lite can't compete with the Petzl Myo Head torch at the 120 Lumens setting. However, the Myo is 3 times the price of the e+Lite and around 7 times the weight.

Our Verdict

Carrying a spare torch is an essential part of our kit. We usually run with two full power torches in our packs, with the Petzl e+LITE 2 as a third option within our first aid kit. The increased brightness, and updated features including a whistle, elastic headband, and waterproof case are well thought out additions and a much improvement to the original eLITE. At only 26 grams it packs away almost unnoticeably and gives us confidence in its abilities when needed.

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