Tested in the Cairngorms

Used extensively by Cairngorm Treks in the Scottish Highlands

For the team at Cairngorm Treks there are certain items we always carry, with gloves being a huge part of our kit and used on a daily basis, so we are always keen to test new items when they come to market.

The Shiftup Sensor Gloves are made from lightweight synthetic materials, mainly a mix of polyester and nylon, with an average weight of 44g for a large pair. They are generally designed to be worn as a main glove when moving fast and wanting to take the cold nip way from the fingers. The wind resistant materials kept our fingers warm as the wind chill increased, and even managed this when wet. Importantly, they are also quick drying whilst still being worn and don’t remain a sodden mess once the rain stops.

The key feature for us was the ability to use the gloves with smart phones and/or GPS units with both left and right gloves having touch-screen fleece thumb and index fingertips. These function really well when dry, but lost a little of their sensitivity when wet.

Although not necessarily designed as underlayer gloves, a further bonus is that the Shiftups work brilliantly when combined with an outer layer, such as mittens or extra large gloves on really cold days. This enabled us to quickly remove any outer-ware and use touch screens for short periods, usually all you need, without exposing bare hands to the elements and getting them really cold.

The gloves are unisex and we found the sizing quite generous, with a medium size 8 being suitable for people who normally wear a large glove, with a degree of Spandex in the material mix allowing the gloves to stretch to a snug fit, important for touch-screening, without being constricting. They come in two separate colours; Black or Pewter & Lemongrass.

Even when working hard the gloves had good wicking and breathability. At no point, even when the adrenaline was high, did we suffer from sweaty palms. The grip level was good and they are an ideal companion with trekking poles when Nordic walking. However, these gloves have limited use and due to the nature of the materials and their primary touch screen function, they would wear out quickly if used for anything too abrasive such as scrambling.

Our Verdict

A great lightweight, touch-screen sensitive, well fitting, wind resistant and quick drying pair of gloves useful for all season use either for fast moving mountain activities or as an under glove in more wintery conditions. With such great spec we are more than happy to pack a pair of these throughout the year.

Cairngorm Treks is a small family business based in the picturesque village of Tomintoul in the North East region of the Cairngorms National Park. They provide bespoke Mountain Guiding for Single Day Walks and Lightweight Multiday Trekking experiences, including wild camping, in the stunning Cairngorms wilderness and surrounding areas. Whether in the high mountains or lower valleys, their Multiday Treks are equipped with high quality, lightweight camping and trekking gear. They only work with small groups and, whatever your ability, pride themselves on designing your outdoor experience completely to your needs and with professional guidance and expertise. Adventure is waiting...