Tested in the Cairngorms

Having used these pegs for around four years now we can safely say we have a very good understanding of the capabilities of this product. Weighing in at a mere 10g per peg, they knock nearly a third off the weight of their bigger brothers - the full size MSR Groundhogs. Bearing in mind a standard solo/two-man tent uses approximately 8-12 pegs, this is an overall saving of around 66 grams. So if you're a weight and size conscious trekker this will be of an advantage. As we all know, the small amounts we save can weigh big overall.

The Mini Groundhogs are made of MSR's 7000 series aluminum, and although they feel very light in the hand they can take a fair amount of punishment. If you look after these pegs they will last a very long time. A good placement in the ground pushed in with a foot, (no bashing in the head with a rock!) they will provide a good solid hold. The guy or tent eyelet fits securely in the notched area provided at the head. The pegs are mostly suited to medium to hard ground types and although the larger Groundhogs provide a more solid hold in a wider variety of terrain, we have used the Mini Groundhogs in a variety of conditions throughout Scotland and they have never failed. Even in strong winds and slightly softer ground a delicate placement of a rock to further support the pegs will keep these snug to the ground. Getting the pegs back out of the ground is also simple due to the corded loop, a simple design that works perfectly.

Our Verdict

Purchasing pegs is comparable to finding suitable tyres for a car. It's what securely connects you to the ground and this cannot be underestimated. Many a poor night can be had with the incorrect choice of pegs and placement, and don't believe that the pegs supplied with a tent are the best for that product as a majority of the time this isn't the case. For us the Mini Groundhogs are a very good choice for a variety of terrain and weather conditions found throughout Britain. If you are conscious about weight and size whilst also in need of a peg that you can rely on, then we can highly recommend the MSR Mini Groundhogs. If you are after a peg that can handle softer ground and increased wind speeds, then go for the larger MSR Groundhog.

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