Tested in the Cairngorms

Used extensively by Cairngorm Treks throughout autumn and early winter on all of our multi-day treks.

Choosing the correct utensils for an expedition may not appear the most interesting part of the packing process, but it is one that needs thought and attention as you will rely on these tools many times throughout the trip. Where are you going to store your spoon or fork? If it’s within a stove system then a plastic option would be better as it won’t scratch your pot. What type of food are you going to eat? If you’re multi-day trekking and weight is kept to a minimum then dehydrated or bagged meals will most probably be the choice. So a lightweight spoon with a long handle to access the bottom on the meals without coating your hands will be preferred. Do you favour the robustness of a metal utensil to plastic?

Picking the right utensil is a mix of functionality and personal preference. This is exactly how we felt about the MSR utensils, particularly the spoon and fork kit. One of our guides took to the MSR folding kit straight away as it fitted all their needs: Lightweight at just 9.5g per item; a long handle that gives a better reach for use with dehydrated and bagged meals; and packing small with a pinch of the handle to unlock and fold down.

For another of our guides the reliability of a titanium alternative felt a safer option for multi-day use. Although the MSR spoon and fork both performed excellently and seem very robust, it does have a weak point that could break under pressure.

What they could both agree on was that the majority of the time one single spoon is all that is needed and the fork often stayed at home. With its low weight and bulk for longer expeditions, the MSR utensils could easily be stored as a back up within your kit.

Our Verdict

Lightweight, good locking system that will fit inside most cooking systems, and a long handle to help keep hands clean with modern meal solutions. The MSR spoon and fork set is a perfectly adequate solution for hot drinks and meals whilst out on the hill.

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