Tested in the Cairngorms

Used extensively by Cairngorm Treks on all our multi-day treks throughout Autumn and Early Winter.

For multi-day trekking we can all appreciate the addition of a pillow when you’re hunkering down for the night after a long day on the hill, but the added weight and pack size of the item often means this is a luxury that’s left at home. So the idea of a super-light solution is very welcoming.

When we first got to hold the Marmot Strato Pillow,we were taken back by how small and light the product was. Weighing in at 40g (42g with stuff sack) and a packed size comparable in size to a satsuma, it’s an instant winner for any lightweight trekkers. For being so light and compact you would assume quality would have to be cut elsewhere but this just isn’t the case. After many nights use the 20D 100% Polyester with RF welded provides a tough and reliable material with no signs of wear.

One of the best features of the pillow is its locking valve. It would have been so easy for Marmot to further reduce weight by fitting a low spec valve but we commend them for not taking this decision. The valve gives the option to fine tune the amount of air in the pillow to the users personal preference, whilst also being strong enough to prevent any unwanted leakages throughout the night.

Marmot claims the pillow uses 3D Ergonomics and Flex-Baffle Technology, which supports the neck. Although not as comfortable as a more common larger trekking pillow, there were never any complaints of sore necks in the morning. One of our guides preferred to use the pillow sideways to hug around the head, whilst another fitted a buff over the outside for extra comfort.

Our Verdict

There’s not much you can say against the Marmot Strato Pillow. It will be instant favourite for trekkers conscious of weight and bulk size but also like the added night comfort of a pillow. Well built and an almost unnoticeable added part to your multi-day kit.

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