Tested in the Cairngorms

Used on the multiple treks throughout late summer and autumn. Mostly around the Cairngorm plateau and surrounding areas.

On first impressions, the Fire Maple stove is made of materials that feel to be high quality and durable, which is a pleasant surprise given its low price. When comparing it to other all-in-one stove systems, it’s a similar size and weight, with a size of 128mm × 173mm, and weight of 511g without gas.

The components of the stove fit well together. This nesting design is always welcome when it comes to packing a rucksack neatly and efficiently. The bowl is slightly too small for eating purposes and is awkward to drink out of. Because of this, we found that removing it meant we could fit a larger gas canister into the space, which was practical in both having the extra fuel, but also in stabilizing the stove on uneven ground or in windy weather.

The set up is identical to most stoves of this nature. The gas canister fits onto the burner with the pot locking onto the top. The lid is a little disappointing as it is quite hard to attach to the pot and is best done before locking into the burner. An improved pouring spout would also be welcomed, as having to take off the lid to pour out the water can be fiddly in colder conditions when using with gloves. Despite this, the handle of the pot is excellent and easily one of the best when compared to similar systems. We would recommend the addition of purchasing a canister stand, as the stove can be a little top heavy.

Lighting the stove is made easy with the Piezo Igniter, and simmering is also easily achieved using the gas valve.In conditions of 20mph winds and +4C, fully exposed to the elements the stove took 16.5 minutes to boil 1 litre of loch water. The same test when sheltered from the wind, and we had boiling water in just under11 minutes. When compared to other similar stoves this is quite a lengthy boil time. Although the flame never went out when exposed to the wind, this is a stove that needs a sheltered area to gain good fuel economy.

Our Verdict

This is a great all-in-one stove system for solo or two-person use. It has all the features of its more expensive competitors at a much lower price, although boil times are noticeably longer. The ability for the stove to simmer offers more versatility than just boiling water, so perfect if you’re someone who likes variety when out in the hills. Generally speaking, this stove is perfectly adequate for anyone wanting to experience multi-day trekking on a budget.

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