Who is Big Agnes?

Big Agnes is one of the most tried and tested brands we sell here at Ultralight. Their fantastic tents, such as the flagship Copper Spur and the Fly Creek, were the first thing to really take off in the UK. Since then, the wider range of Big Agnes tents and shelters have been supported by some great sleeping bags, sleeping mats and accessories. 

We are looking forward to the exciting new products that come out of Steamboat Springs from Big Agnes' innovative team of designers and product engineers.


"We're different than other gear companies"

Based in a ski town in northwestern Colorado Big Agnes' backyard is outdoor paradise, and their testing grounds are within sight of their office. The Continental Divide Trail is home to some of the best trails for skiing, hiking, and mountain biking; the Mount Zirkel Wilderness beckons everyone with its high alpine summits. The Yampa River flows a stone’s throw from our office, and on most lunch hours the Big Agnes office is quiet enough to hear a pin drop while they're out finding fresh air or fresh tracks of one kind or another.

Motivated by years of sleeping in the dirt.

Designing, marketing, and shipping camping gear around the globe is both invigorating and logistically challenging at the same time. Big Agnes work hard day by day, but like you, getting into the backcountry is the real passion of the BA team. Knowing that you’re out there trusting Big Agnes tents in the harshest weather or dragging their sleeping bags and pads around the globe on your adventures is what keeps the focus and motivation on designing and delivering new and improved product every year. In anticipation of next year’s adventures, the team at Big Agnes are plotting their own backcountry missions, staff campouts, and setting goals that may bring some risks or just the opportunity to enjoy the ride.

The Mother of Comfort

"At our core, we want to inspire you to get outside and find the same appreciation for the backcountry we have. We’re a small company with the mountains just minutes from our office. We test product in these mountains and make gear that you can trust when you’re out there.

We started Big Agnes almost twenty years ago without a real plan, but with a pretty good idea: to make the best gear possible to help folks like you get outside and chase your dreams. Respected industry vets told us we were crazy. The camping market was ‘too saturated,’ they said…We were driven to make better gear and be part of some really cool adventures, so we kept at it.

The Big Agnes System, our original concept of affixing a sleeping pad and bag in a simple way, was born and everything evolved from there. We believe that innovation is born from real-world product testing, and that gear should be pushed to its limits. The photos, product reviews, stories and crazy adventures you share from all over the world are what keep us motivated. You’re using our gear exactly as intended…hard, often, and in ways we never imagined."

New Big Agnes Range

Re-Designed: The Copper Spur Series

We were really excited to get the new version of the Copper Spur HV UL Series in. This tremendously successful tent has seen a range of updates making it lighter, stronger and packed with features!

Big Agnes say that it is 'already one of our best-selling, full-featured, ultralight backpacking tents, the Copper Spur HV UL series just got better. Redesigned with new features inside and out, using proprietary materials that are lighter, stronger, and equipped with hardware that makes set-up even easier. The high volume design provides ample living space in this freestanding structure. Traditional, media, and 3D bin pockets help to organize your gear without cramping your sleep space or capacity to sit up inside. Awning-style vestibules can be customized to expand living space, great for both drizzle and sun protection. Your ultimate UL home away from home.' 

One of the most inventive new design features is the addition of the Vestibule Awnings. Designed to create a versatile space to open up the tent in good weather, open up your space to the views, allow for an excellent place to shelter from the sun or create a safe space for cooking in poorer weather the vestibule awnings are an ingenious addition.

Other redesigned features include:

  • NEW proprietary tent corner construction with unique TipLok Tent Buckle™ to streamline tent set-up by combining three functions: secure pole-tip capture, rainfly attachment and tensioner, and stake-out loop. Keyed hole buckle locks pole tip securely during setup, hinged design stabilizes structure by equalizing force between tent body, rainfly, and ground stake.
  • NEW proprietary ultralight nylon double rip-stop, mixed denier fabric offers extra tear strength and puncture resistance without adding weight.
  • NEW pre-bent span pole with 4-way high-volume hub design increases strength, stability, and shedding.

Torchlight Sleeping Bags

The NEW Torchlight series features is an amazing, innovative take on the simple sleeping bag. Aimed at providing maximum, versatile comfort without adding extra weight Big Agnes have once again pushed the boundaries of design and performance.

The Torchlight sleeping bags have two expandable panels from shoulders to footbox, increasing sleep space up to 10 extra inches! Depending on your sleep style and body shape, you can adjust the bag for customized comfort based on your sleeping preference. Ideal for backpackers looking for additional comfort in a mummy bag but simple to use when car camping and catching z’s at any campsite. This bag is insulated with DownTek water-repellent down, and baffle construction that provides more efficient heat distribution with zero heat loss, even when the bag is expanded.

Designed for those gram-counting backpackers searching for the lightest gear with enhanced comfort and customizable features. Depending on your sleep style and body shape, you can adjust the bag for your ideal sleep setting. Insulated with DownTek water-repellent down, and baffle construction that provides more efficient heat distribution with zero heat loss, even when the bag is expanded.

Going Crazylight

Here at UOG we are always searching for the lightest gear available. We have stocked the Platinum and Carbon ranges from Big Agnes since they first became available so we're really happy to see both of those ranges expanded further. The use of Dyneema and Carbon Fibre will always push the limits of weight and performance so it's no surprise that they fit in around here!

Big Agnes are pushing the limits of technical, lightweight performance so we thought we'd let them tell you a bit more:

We understand that there might not be as many ultralight, gram-counting tent aficionados in the world as say, those who run a generator in their campsite. And even less who want to travel light and fast passionately enough to purchase a tent with unheard of technical features and fabrics that weighs in at barely 1lb. And even fewer still who are willing to care for and maintain these shelters with a level of intense gear-nerdiness. But to you, expert of the extras, we raise a nip from our tiny, plastic backpacking flask in the name of the all-new Carbon Collection and our award-winning Platinum Series.

The Carbon Collection features some of the lightest weight and most technologically advanced materials on the market; Easton Carbon pole sets with an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and Dyneema fabric, an extremely strong and dynamic fiber that is both highly tear resistant as well as fully waterproof. Designed and constructed for adventurers who thrive spending a night pouring over maps and beta to plot summits on unnamed peaks, pathways to remote, wild rivers, and find routes not only less traveled, but perhaps never before. We’ve pushed boundaries on every inch of this Carbon Collection to bring you what we feel is a first of its kind line of insanely lightweight shelters for the true gear-heads of the backcountry.

Sleep Easy

With the recent change in the way R-Values are tested many sleeping mat manufacturers have taken the opportunity to update ad improve their ranges. Big Agnes are no different with new versions of the AXL Air, Q-Core SLX and Air Core Ultra in stock now.

At Big Agnes, we insist our air pads cushion you with at least 3.25” of air between your hips and the ground. Even in our lightest-weight air pads, you can count on that. We use internal construction that stabilizes your sleeping surface so that your pad feels more like your bed at home. The outer tubes are always a little thicker than the inner so that you are comfortably cradled in the middle of the pad. Our valves help you inflate your pad quickly, deflate it easily, and make micro-adjustments throughout the night with a simple pressure release that gives you control over how firm or soft your surface is. Our air pads now include a third-party R-Value to help you select the right pad for your camp-style. And as a bonus, we’re also including in each air-pad package an upcyled-inflation sack to help you get into total backcountry-bliss just that much faster and easier.

A restful night in the backcountry starts with a high-quality, dependable pad. We individually inflate and test every single pad before it reaches you. No matter which model you choose, we've designed it with comfort, durability, and guaranteed quality in mind.