Australia landing page

Welcome to Ultralight Outdoor Gear!
Buying Outdoor Gear from us and importing it into Australia is the easiest way to save money on gear that you want! Shop now or read how it works below. 

Australian customs rules state that: imported goods with a value of A$1000 or less arriving by post will be released DUTY AND TAX FREE by customs for delivery directly to the addressee. This applies to nearly everything we sell! 

For those goods valued at less than A$1000 sent by another method, they will still be released DUTY AND TAX FREE but the receiver will have to complete a Self Assessed Customs (SAC) declaration on-line for release of the parcel.

Calculating the price from our website
The price shown on our website is in GBP (Great Britain Pounds) but this can be changed to A$ very simply. At the top right of our website there is a button which says 'currency' if you hover over this a dropdown menu will appear and will give you the option of choosing Australian dollars. This changes the site to show everything in australian dollars. This is not an exact conversion and what you eventually pay may be slightly different from what our site says but it's close enough to give a good indication of the price.
How does this work on the website?
Shop as normal placing items in the shopping cart, when complete go to the checkout page - you will be asked to register your details. One item to register will be you country, when set to Australia your basket of goods will be refreshed, VAT (UK sales tax) will be removed, and a shipping charge will be applied. Follow the prompts to pay for your order.
Once you have registered your details you will be sent a password, using this you can sign in at any time - once signed in all prices will be displayed without VAT (UK Sales Tax).
How long will my gear take to arrive?
The delivery service time quoted by the UKs Royal Mail is 'within 5 working days'. Our experience with existing Australian customers is that it often takes a few working days longer than this. Allow two weeks for your order to arrive.
How much is shipping?
The shipping charge is shown at the checkout page for every order, but it may be less than you think.
Other Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you always send items by post?

The vast majority of orders to Australia are sent by post, however there is a 2kg limit for each parcel, items over this limit are sent via courier. This only really applies to some tents, all other items tend to be under 2kg.

Where there are multiple items in the same order we sometimes split orders to keep below the 2kg level as its cheaper to send two parcels this way rather than one via courier.

2. What if the value of my order is more than A$1000?

The equivalent GBP is £633, when calculating the value of your order for customs purposes it is the total value including shipping costs. There are very few items we sell that would break this threshold, however if your order was greater than this value you would have to pay Duty and GST on the order.

Duty rates would depend on the item being sent, GST is at the standard rate.

3. What if I place a number of orders at the same time?
Australian Customs treat a number of paercels going to the same address at the same time as one parcel, therefore if the combined value is over A$1000 then Duty and GST will be payable.