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Alpamayo Circuit - Peru 2014 - Gear List

  weight (grams) weight lbs & oz
 Basic Gear carried7668g16lbs15.0ozs
 Discretionary gear carried423g0lbs14.9ozs
 Gear worn about person2525g5lbs9.2ozs
TentSix Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker714g1lbs9.2ozs
 Tent pegs, 10 96g0lbs3.4ozs
 Exped large zipsack used as tentbag23g0lbs0.8ozs
Sleeping BagSTS Spark SP111642g1lbs6.7ozs
 STS compression sack for Spark SP355 0 1.9ozs
Sleep Mat etcNeoair XLite Regular377g0lbs13.3ozs
RucksackSix Moon Designs Fusion 651195g2lbs10.2ozs
RaingearRAB Myriad Jacket404g0lbs14.3ozs
 Minimus Pants160g0lbs5.7ozs
CookingAlphalight Long Handled spoon15g0lbs0.5ozs
 Evernew ECA265 0.9L pot w frypan lid128g0lbs4.5ozs
 Evernew ECA278 0.75l pot NO 0.4l mug100g0lbs3.5ozs
 Pouch for pans and stove20g0lbs0.7ozs
 Evernew EBY255 stove86g0lbs3.0ozs
 Soto Pocket Blow Torch with lighter65g0lbs2.3ozs
 Trail Designs " Classic" windshield34g0lbs1.2ozs
 Esbit Folding spoon18g0lbs0.6ozs
 GSI Mini Spatula9g0lbs0.3ozs
 Opinel No.7 Trekking Knife35g0lbs1.2ozs
 GSI Nesting mug and bowl  set without the bowl82g0lbs2.9ozs
 Baby tin opener8g0lbs0.3ozs
 Fuel Bottles x 4128g0lbs4.5ozs
 Pot washing cloth and pan saver10g0lbs0.4ozs
WashroomCoghlans Mirror20g0lbs0.7ozs
 Granite gear Zip ditty 1.7L x 240g0lbs1.4ozs
 Packtowl Nano - Medium18g0lbs0.6ozs
 Packtowl Ultralite - Large52g0lbs1.8ozs
 Disposable razor x 224g0lbs0.8ozs
 Coghlans Backpackers trowel52g0lbs1.8ozs
 Pee Bottle35g0lbs1.2ozs
First Aid KitGranite Gear Air Zipditty 1.7L18g0lbs0.6ozs
282g total3 x 4" wound dressings x 317g0lbs0.6ozs
 1 x Stretch Bandage10g0lbs0.4ozs
 1 x Crepe Bandage35g0lbs1.2ozs
 Sominex - 2 tablets2g0lbs0.1ozs
 1 x Bite and sting relief18g0lbs0.6ozs
 6 x Wound cleaning wipes12g0lbs0.4ozs
 5 Plasters8g0lbs0.3ozs
 1 Small tin Vaseline34g0lbs1.2ozs
 16 Ibuprofen pain killers8g0lbs0.3ozs
 8 Paracetamol Pain Killers6g0lbs0.2ozs
 Strip plaster26g0lbs0.9ozs
 1 x Oragel extra strength dental pain relief gel7g0lbs0.2ozs
 Care Plus Sun Protection Face & Lip SPF50 20ml34g0lbs1.2ozs
 Micropur tablets x 7511g0lbs0.4ozs
 Insect Headnet inc pouch36g0lbs1.3ozs
HydrationPlatypus 2l hoser102g0lbs3.6ozs
 Platypus 2L bottle34g0lbs1.2ozs
ClothingInov-8 Race Elite 2 reversible thermoshell276g0lbs9.8ozs
 RAB Infinity Jacket inc stuffsack501g1lbs1.7ozs
 RAB Phantom Grip Gloves60g0lbs2.1ozs
 RAB MeCo 120 boxer76g0lbs2.7ozs
 MeCo 120 pants156g0lbs5.5ozs
 OR Echo LS Zip Top150g0lbs5.3ozs
 Astroman SS Shirt160g0lbs5.7ozs
 Xsocks Outdoor Socks38g0lbs1.3ozs
 Xsocks Trekking expedition short54g0lbs1.9ozs
AccessoriesSTS TPU Guide Mapcase inc maps, Karabiner341g0lbs12.0ozs
 aLokSak 4x7 for camera6g0lbs0.2ozs
 aLokSak 3x7 for phone5g0lbs0.2ozs
 aLokSak 8x11 for documents20g0lbs0.7ozs
 Granite Gear Air zipsack Medium (for food)50g0lbs1.8ozs
 Exped Fold Daysack liner130g0lbs4.6ozs
 Ultra-sil daypack - cabin luggage68g0lbs2.4ozs
 Phone charging lead15g0lbs0.5ozs
 Contact Lenses - 5 pairs19g0lbs0.7ozs
 Guidebook (only part taken)40g0lbs1.4ozs
 Inova microlight11g0lbs0.4ozs
 Petzl e+Zip headlamp 26g0lbs0.9ozs
 Glass cleaning cloth5g0lbs0.2ozs
 Pasport credit c ards etc..72g0lbs2.5ozs
 Travel Documents10g0lbs0.4ozs
 Multimat sitmat40g0lbs1.4ozs
 GCG Firesteel12g0lbs0.4ozs
 2 Grip clips12g0lbs0.4ozs
 4 x Lightwave Dyneema guylines12g0lbs0.4ozs
 cable ties6g0lbs0.2ozs
Basic carried gear total 7668g16lbs15.0ozs
PhotographicSony RX100 camera inc battery243g0lbs8.6ozs
& OtherSpare camera battery25g0lbs0.9ozs
 UltraPOD Mini48g0lbs1.7ozs
 Samsung phone97g0lbs3.4ozs
Discretionary carried gear total 423g0lbs14.9ozs
ConsumablesFuel - 1L1000g2lbs3.3ozs
 Coghlans Biodegradeable Camp Soap85g0lbs3.0ozs
 Toilet roll36g0lbs1.3ozs
 Water 500g1lbs1.7ozs
Consumables total 1621g3lbs9.3ozs
 Nuun 12 tabs x 2 tubes150g0lbs5.3ozs
 Granite Gear Air zipsack Medium (for food)50g0lbs1.8ozs
StorecupboardSpag bol mix in 60ml Nalgene bottle54g0lbs1.9ozs
 Beef Casserole mix in 60ml Nalgene bottle57g0lbs2.0ozs
 Tuna Nepolitana mix in 60ml Nalgene bottle55g0lbs1.9ozs
 Curry Powder in 30ml Nalgene bottle25g0lbs0.9ozs
 Instant custard mix in 250ml Nalgene bottle194g0lbs6.9ozs
 Smash in 250ml Nalgene bottle143g0lbs5.1ozs
 Small bottle of salt52g0lbs1.8ozs
 Bottle with dispenser for olive oil19g0lbs0.7ozs
Rations10 days food - estimated6000g13lbs4.0ozs
Food total 6869g15lbs2.7ozs
Worn or CarriedHelinox Passprot TLA130400g0lbs14.1ozs
 Suunto watch80g0lbs2.8ozs
 Scarpa Zen Pro, Size 101120g2lbs7.6ozs
 Buff Original33g0lbs1.2ozs
 Montane Terra Stretch Pants410g0lbs14.5ozs
 Helios Sun Hat82g0lbs2.9ozs
 Montane Bionic LS Zip262g0lbs9.3ozs
 Xbionic Energizer Boxer58g0lbs2.0ozs
 Xsocks Trekking Merino Isolator socks80g0lbs2.8ozs
Gear worn or carried about person total 2525g5lbs9.2ozs

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